Islamic State Aims

At present the Islamic State group occupies about 50% of Syria and about 40% of Iraq, even though a large proportion of that region is very sparsely populated.  Nevertheless they control the main towns of Raqqa in eastern Syria and Mosul in northern Iraq. Here is a map published by the Islamic State, showing the extent of their intention to establish their Caliphate.

This is an interesting map, in that it shows they intend to re-capture most of what they consider Islam has lost.  Namely the coastal region including Israel and Lebanon (shown as Sham on the map), Turkey (Anathol), Greece and the Balkans (Orobpa), Spain (Andalus), Saudi Arabia (Hijaz), India, Iran and central Asia (Khurasan) and Africa (including the western Maghreb and Nigeria).  Note that Italy, northern Europe, southern Africa and even the Americas as well as most of Asia is not included, up to now.  If this is the true extent of their ambitions, then why are they mainly attacking places like Paris, Brussels, London, Germany, and the USA?  Clearly they have even greater ambitions than the map suggests.  But, they have managed to establish proxy groups in west Africa (Boko Haram), east Africa (Al Shabab) and north Africa (Islamic State in the Mahgreb).

The point is that IS has definite territorial intentions to overthrow all the states in the region, including Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Spain, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya, and so on.  Also, some parts of Russia (Chechnya) and China.  This should make a great coalition against them.  I only hope that the next President of the USA will be more aware and responsive to this massive threat to the world’s civilization than the current incumbent of the White House, who is sleeping through this gathering storm.  We need a leader of the free world who will strongly counteract this threat while it is still in its infancy, before it really gathers strength and takes off.  Will it be like the response to the Nazis and the Japanese, that the West only reacted to when they were attacked and it was nearly too late.  We need another Churchill to lead us, but who of the current candidates for President could fit such a bill.  I fear we are fucked!


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