Thank you BDS!

Thank you BDS for confirming all my expectations.  When I was growing up in London I experienced constant and persistent anti-Semitism.  Maybe it was because I looked typically Jewish (dark curly hair, long nose, etc.).  This sense of not being accepted, even though a native-born Londoner, added to my sense of alienation, so that as soon as the opportunity arose I left the UK, first to go to Israel for a 2 year stay and then to the US, where I lived with my family for 30 years, before returning to Israel permanently.

During this whole life-time I remained a convinced Zionist, sure that Israel was the only place where a Jew could live as a Jew without fear of constant social stigmatism.  In other words, the sustained fear of a form of racism known as anti-Semitism, a racist hatred of Jews.  For many years, although anti-Semitism remained rife, it was impolite and not socially acceptable to utter anti-Semitic slurs openly.  But, more recently that has changed, so that cursing, defaming and even physically attacking Jews openly has become the norm again.  This is due to two main reasons:

1.  The prevalence of knee-jerk left-wing socialist and liberal identification with the Palestinians, to the extent that they can do no wrong, that their terrorist murdering of innocent Israeli civilians is justified and that Israel and its defense force, the IDF, are seen as murderous colonialist white oppressors. This has led to the development of the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement against Israel.  The facts and the truth are ignored to support this fascist organization masquerading as a humanitarian ideology.  Its main belief is that Israel has no right to exist and therefore any means can be used to destroy, delegitimize and defeat it.   Because the ideology is called anti-Israelism, it somehow tries to dodge the accusation of anti-Semitism, but in fact BDS only attacks and focuses on Israel, notwithstanding all the evil states and regimes in the world (a short list includes Iran, Syria, Iraq, China, N. Korea, Cuba, Somalia, etc.).  So that the only people who are deemed not to be worthy of self-determination are the Jews, and the boycott of Jewish shops and businesses is justified just as it was in Nazi Germany.

2.  The presence of a large number of Arabs/Muslims of all nationalities in western countries, both native-born and visitors, who actively participate in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activities, including Jew-baiting on campuses and physical attacks on individual Jews throughout Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany).  This includes specific attacks against Jewish targets by radical Islamists and groups, such as the shooting by Mohammed Merah in May, 2012, in Toulouse that killed 7, the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels in May , 2014, that killed 4, the attack on the Danish synagogue in Feb, 2015, that killed 3, the attack on the Hypercacher Supermarket in Paris in Jan 2106 that killed 4 and so on.  Let it be said that Jews have been taking the brunt of terrorist attacks by Muslims against infidels, although recently the Islamic State has expanded its military campaign in Europe with full force.

With all this going on, it has only confirmed my expectations that anti-Semitism, once freed from the shackles of the memory of the Holocaust, would spring back in full force. The influx of Arabs and Muslims into Europe has only helped to catalyze this natural tendency.  However, this resurgence has helped Israel, by providing a steady and growing stream of Jewish immigrants from France (French is now widely spoken in Netanya), UK, Belgium, and the USA, where many young Jews who have been exposed to crude anti-Semitism on campuses have concluded that the supposed freedom of religious expression in the USA does not include them. So thank you BDS for confirming my expectations.


One thought on “Thank you BDS!

  1. And, thank you Jack for expressing so brilliantly my thoughts and feelings. I never thought that, in my lifetime, I would encounter such a wonderful influx of young people from France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and, of course Britain. The Jews, if they are wise, have always been the canary in the coalmine. And, again, thank you BDS for upsetting the Campuses in Canada and the States. I met a group of young American and Canadian Jews in Netanya this morning. all lone Soldiers. Why I asked them, are you here.? Their answer was plain and simple ” we feel uncomfortable as Jews on our Campuses, so we might as well fight “. Yes. thank you BDS.


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