Israelis Excelling

An Israeli, Daniel Samohin (17), won the gold medal at the junior world ice skating championship in Hungary last week ( What an amazing feat considering there is very little ice in Israel and only two skating rinks.  What is not widely known is that a junior Israeli ice hockey team won the gold medal at an international tournament in Canada in 2011, beating out all other teams (,7340,L-4038071,00.html).  The players practiced on roller blades and some of them had never seen snow before.

An Israeli actress Gal Gadot was chosen from among hundreds of aspiring applicants to be the new Wonder Woman in the movie “Batman vs. Superman.”   What about your BDSers now, will they boycott the movie, what nonsense!  They simply can’t stand the competition, they can’t see that Israelis do everything and some do certain things exceedingly well.

For example, a team of Israeli high school kids from Eilat won a robotics competition in Missouri in 2014 out of 400 schools competing ( and another high school team from Yeroham also won a robotics competition in Chicago in 2014 (  A student team from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev won the Best Health and Medicine Project category in the prestigious 12th Annual International Genetically Engineered Machine competition with their cutting-edge biological cancer therapy (

Israel’s national rhythmic gymnastics team continued its excellent start to the season by claiming three more medals in the World Cup event in Espoo, Finland.   The team of Yuval Filo, Alona Koshevatskiy, Ekaterina Levina, Karina Lykhvar and Ida Mayrin claimed a gold and two silvers in the first World Cup Series competition of 2016 in Finland (

Instead of being thankful that this little energetic country Israel exists, making strides in areas that will benefit everyone, most liberals are spending their time trying to destroy it, how stupid!   It’s like the liberal country of Belgium, in the midst of being attacked by its own Islamic radicals, chose this time to recognize a Palestine State (, which incidentally does not exist.  But, if it did, it would immediately become the training ground for more Islamic radicals to attack Europe and Belgium.  What self-defeating delusion.


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