Cruz vs. Sanders?

Two events have forced me and many others to re-evaluate our opinions on the current Presidential primaries.  First, on the Republican side, I have looked carefully at the qualifications of Ted Cruz.  Although he is very right wing, he has many qualifications.  He was a very successful law student at Harvard Law School, he was Editor of the Harvard Law Review, a very prestigious position, and no less than Professor Alan Dershowitz said that he was “a brilliant student.”   He was then an Attorney General of Texas, following which he ran in the Senate race, defeating his Republican opponents and then the Democratic incumbent to become the junior Senator from Texas in 2013?   So he has extensive legal and political experience.

By comparison his main opponent in the Republican primary, Donald Trump is merely a successful business man, who has a following among the disaffected.  But, he has no major legal or political experience.  His latest gaffe, in which he called for abortions to be illegal and punishments for the women who have abortions will probably lose him most of the female vote.   This is a typical impetuous statement by him without any policy background.  So my expectation is that from now on Cruz will win more primaries and will eventually take the nomination.

Second, on the Democratic side, the FBI has announced that they are nearing the decision whether or not to indict Hillary Clinton for breaking the law by using a private unsecured e-mail system for all her communications while she was Secretary of State.  If she is indicted her primary campaign will almost certainly be over, and even if she is not, information will leak showing the extent of her wrong-doing, such as mingling her private e-mails from the Clinton Foundation with Top Secret e-mails from the State Dept. Someone with this level of stupidity and lack of care for national security is not qualified to be President.  This will give a big boost to her opponent Bernie Sanders, who has been doing well in the relatively liberal State of Wisconsin.

Since both Cruz and Sanders are expected to win in Wisconsin this week and in several other western states, this may be the turning point, the beginning of the end for the hopes of Trump and Clinton.  From now on it may become a race between a declared Socialist and a right wing activist.  Quite an easy choice for most Americans.  .


One thought on “Cruz vs. Sanders?

  1. Jack,

    I usually do not comment on other people’s opinions. I also do not want to get into debates with others. I have also made many mistakes in voting for candidates. With these comments, I will give you my comments on your message below.

    With respect to the Republicans, your assessment of the qualifications of Cruz are accurate. However you do not speak about his problems. He is the most disliked Senator in Congress. Both by the Democrats and Republicans. There are not many (possibly any) Senators who have supported his candidacy. His role as the leader of the Republicans who wanted to shut down the US government was abysmal. He does not negotiate and is not trustworthy. I consider him to be as bad as Trump, if not worse. At least one knows where Trump stands. It would be a disaster in my view if either of the two were elected President of the US. Never in my life time have I heard anyone who said they would consider emigrating if candidates became President of the US.

    Your comments on Clinton make assumptions. That she is being investigated by the FBI is accurate. However, you assume she is guilty of terrible things. I suggest you wait until things become clarified before jumping to conclusions. That she has mingled Top Secret information with the Clinton Foundation has not, to my knowledge, been the fact. There is an implication that she shared the information with the Clinton Foundation (other than herself). That materials she was sent that were not classified have now been classified as secret does not equate to your claim. I do not deny that she should have been cautious of mingling her personal with her State Department work. Other Sec’y. of States have done the same thing. I do not agree with Clinton backing all of Pres. Obama’s positions. As Secretary of State she had to do that. She is also known to have disagreed with President Obama on several policy issues. However, Bernie also supports Pres. Obama’s policies.

    I suggest you ask how Bernie is to get all of the money he needs to make universities free to everyone who is capable, or how to pay with the other things that he wants. He admires the European socialists. Look at the economic conditions in Europe vs. the US and even Israel. Have you looked at Bernie’s accomplishments as a Senator? I know of nothing that he has contributed towards socialism while he has been in Congress. Will he bring along the democrats running for Congress, who will be needed to vote with him? Do you know his record regarding Israel? If not, I suggest you find Bernie’s remarks that he would have been made to AIPAC, but was not allowed to do so by AIPAC who should have had him give his talk remotely, as they did in previous years. His comments in the article I read about Israel that he would have read at AIPAC is not what I would have expected from a Jew who should have known better. He gave the Palestinian nonsense. Is this the person you want for President of the US.

    I usually agree with most of your comments, but unfortunately, not this Blog. If you respond to this message, I do not guarantee I will respond to you.

    You will be pleased to learn that my wife and I are having dinner with Zvi and Bunny Porath this week. They are visiting the US for a few months. They admire your reports as do I almost all of the time. I also greatly appreciate your having involved me with the CCS. I am still the first and only Vice Chair of Computer Science and the longest Vice Chair in the CCS.

    Warmest best regards,



    Jack Minker, Professor Emeritus

    Department of Computer Science and

    Institute for Advanced Computer Studies

    AV Williams Building

    University of Maryland

    College Park, Maryland 20742


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