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My desk-top computer was giving me problems.  For a few days the internet connection was unstable, going in and out, and even though the indicator on the bottom of the screen showed “internet access” the browser kept telling me the opposite “no internet access” and mysteriously “the computer is off-line.”  I tried everything, re-booting the computer, turning the modem and the wi-fi off and on, checking all the connections, to no avail.  I decided it might be a server problem (although my laptop was working OK) and since we were going away for a couple of days I opted to see if would be better when we returned.

But, it wasn’t any better.  I tried the usual things again, but nothing worked.  Whar do you do when you can’t get your computer to work, you call your son.  I called Simon in CA and asked his advice.   He called out to his wife Sharon, who uses the computer more than he does, and she said “oh, that’s easy, just type in cmd, then ipconfig/release and then ipconfig/renew.”  Oh, I said, would you mind repeating that slowly, so she took me thru it step by step:  When you have the File Explorer open, where it says computer at the top, just type “cmd” and you get a black screen with a prompt.  Then you type “ipconfig/release”, wait while it scrolls down and then type “ipconfig/renew”, and when that scrolls down then close the black screen and the computer will work OK, and you know what – it did!

It has been said that science is as near to magic as we can get, and certainly this was a kind of magic.  I know that the ip is the actual address of the computer (standing for internet protocol) and config is its configuration, so we reset the configuration of the computer ip address.  That’s all that was needed.  Someone else told me that its good to do this once a month to avoid such problems.  Who knew!

I was also having problems with my smart-phone (I know, it is smarter than me).  I found that it would not charge properly, and this was partially solved by buying a new matching Samsung charger.  But, it was still not charging properly.  So this time I called my son-in-law Jeff, and he told me what to do.  Hold down the central control button until a list pops up and then hit the dustbin (trash-can) to close all open apps.  But, that is not enough, do it again, but this time press the circle thingy on the left and up pops a screen about the RAM (random access memory).  Hit “clear memory” and the RAM memory is reduced to its lowest level.  Then connect the phone to the charger (making sure to remove the plastic cover that prevents a good connection) and then it charges properly.

If I have any other serious problems with my computers I plan to bring in the big guns, I’ll call my grand-son.





4 thoughts on “Computer tips

  1. What a lovely blog today. Now I do not feel so bad about my phone not coming on when I wanted it to, it also is a pushing down of a button, and all would have been back to normal. My big gun was my husband, but I enjoyed your assortment of helpers better.
    Shabbat Shalom,


  2. Very funny but true. I had a problem with my wireless printer not connecting with my computer. Something Allan was doing caused a fuse to go and it affected the Wifi. The computer was OK, I managed to get my I-Pad connected again , but could not get my fairly new Epson printer to reconnect. After online chats with Epson and Sky (my server ) and a phone call to Epson again it got sorted out. My passcode on my router has one letter that is either a capital L or I and I had put the wrong letter in


  3. Dear Jack:
    … And when all else fails, take off your left shoe and wave it at the right side of the computer screen… the problems miraculously disappear!!

    Seriously, something I saw recently totally shook me for a loop. I took our H.S. Band and orchestra on our annual Spring trip, this year to Universal/Orlando (that is for another story…). While there, we spent a day at the theme park. While at the theme park, I heard an incredibly great jazz/rock band — “Soul Project NOLA”, from New Orleans. The band had Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, Guitar, Bass Piano and Drums… and out on the street amongst the audience was a gentlemen holding an iPad. That was the mixing board.
    Years ago, I used to wire up mixing boards, checking levels and wires, etc., and here it was, all wirelessly connected to a little, handheld iPad.
    My how technology has changed!!

    ~ Ron


    • Jack: Thanks for your response. I in no way indicated that I would support Bernie Sanders. His economic policies and his lack of support for Israel make him unacceptable. Cruz is by no means perfect, but he seems to be the best of a bad bunch. What a choice!
      Best regards, Jack


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