The Cuba Reconciliation

Pres. Obama’s historic visit to Cuba marks the end of an era and hopefully the beginning of a new reconciliation.  The decision by Cuba’s Pres. Raul Castro to accept reconciliation with the USA represents another nail in the coffin of communism.  This financial system of government has simply not worked, even without considering the effects of the US blockade, and this is the realization of a more pragmatic Castro than his brother Fidel.

It was said that only a right wing Israeli Prime Minster such as Menachem Begin could make a peace deal with the Arabs, but it seems the time is right for a left-wing American President, namely Obama, to make a deal with the Cuban Communist Government. And make no mistake, although the economy is being liberalized, as in China, the Cuban Communist Party is keeping close control over the people and the country.


One thought on “The Cuba Reconciliation

  1. Dear Jack:
    The tradition U.S. policy towards Cuba has been a classic case of the definition of insanity — doing the same thing and expecting a different result…
    Maybe it just took a fresh outlook to say, let’s try it a bit differently.
    Thank you, President Obama…

    ~ Ron


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