The Brussels attacks

At least 34 people are dead and hundreds injured in three or more coordinated terrorist attacks at the airport and in the metro in Brussels.  These attacks were carried out by Muslims in the name of the Islamic State and were intended to kill and maim and terrorize the people and the country of Belgium and of all Europe.  As a result the whole of Brussels, a major European city is in lock-down and most other European cities are on maximum alert.

Quite frankly, this is the result of a liberal immigration policy for Muslims resulting in. Brussels becoming a hub of Islamic terrorism.  The recent attacks in Paris are known to have been planned in Brussels.  The capture of one of the masterminds of the Paris attacks, Salah Abdelaslam, only four days ago in Brussels, following a four month-long manhunt while he was hiding in the Muslim area of Molenbeek, probably triggered the decision to carry out these pre-organized attacks.

Several of the terrorists involved in the Paris attacks and captured in Brussels are known to have entered Europe from Turkey via Greece masquerading as Syrian refugees.  It is easy for individuals who have been trained in Syria by ISIS to infiltrate the hundreds of thousands of refugees and then hide in mainly Muslim areas such as Molenbeek.  The Belgium Government has admitted that it has lost control of Molenbeek and it is considered a no-go area for ordinary Belgium citizens and the police. Although Muslims are only 7% of the Belgian population they amount to 25% of the population of Brussels (!)  Even if only 10% of these are Islamists or their supporters, that amounts to ca. 4,500 people.  It is also estimated that Brussels has the largest number of returning jihadis form Syria, ca. 400.  Certainly enough to constitute a real threat to the security and integrity of Belgium.   The same situation exists of course in Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and France.

The majority of Muslims are immigrating into the EU because their own societies have failed and have been unable to fulfill even their most basic needs of housing and food.  All these Arab Muslim societies, including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Libya, and to a lesser extent Egypt, have been wracked by civil wars and violence.  The problem is that once they get into Europe they immediately set about trying to change it to be like their own societies, with primitive Sharia law, which treats women as property and sanctions violence against women and others in order to satisfy family honor.   When these immigrants have children, the so-called “home-grown Muslims,” they will set about trying to take over the country, by both politics and terrorism.  This too is sanctioned by Sharia Law, it is incumbent on any believing Muslim to strive to ensure that the society he lives in is governed by Sharia Law.

These attacks emphasize that now nowhere is safe.  There have been attacks in Ankara, Paris, San Bernadino, Israel, Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast and so on.  The scourge of Islamic terrorism is a world-wide phenomenon, that cannot be countered effectively by a US President who won’t even mention the term “Islamic terrorism.”  What is most disturbing about these attacks is that the Belgian forces were on a high state of alert for a month, and yet it took them a long time to capture Abdelaslam and they had no prior warning of these attacks.  The three suspects (two of whom blew themselves up) looked so suspicious that they would never have got inside the terminal at Ben Gurion Airport, there is constant positive checking.  This does not speak well for either the Belgian preparedness, their coordination or for their intelligence capability.  These attacks are neither the last nor the most serious, expect many more to come.


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