Donald vs. Hillary

It seems the choice in the Presidential race is narrowing down to Trump vs. Clinton.  What a choice!  I don’t think anyone could have envisaged this, just as very few gave Obama any chance of winning last time around.  In that case I voted for McCain, and my main reason was that Obama was inexperienced at running any large organization and was too liberal. Now I am faced with a choice between Trump, who has been running a large organization, but is inexperienced in Government and seems impulsive and touchy, and Clinton, who is very experienced in politics, but is too liberal and a liar with a possible indictment for misusing secret information.  As I said, what a choice!

If Trump reaches the magic number of 1237 delegate votes, then he will win the Republican nomination.  But, if he fails to reach this number before the convention in June, then there will be an open convention, meaning that the convention will actually vote to choose the candidate.  This could cause a tremendous reaction that could split the Republican Party, and Trump would be within his rights to say that he had been robbed.  But, the fact is that the Republican establishment, including many true conservatives and people like myself, who do not want to vote for an Obama look-alike, might then have an alternative to Trump.  Whether it could be Cruz, Kasich, Rubio or anyone else, it would probably be preferable.

The phenomenon of Trump clearly indicates a fundamental disenchantment with the political system by the majority of Americans.  Out of 17  hopefuls starting in the Republican race, the person who consistently garners the majority of votes is Trump.   He represents the outsider, the non-politician.  Even though he is a billionaire, he projects the frustration of the majority of poor people at their inability to make ends meet, while the usual politicians (including Obama) promise everything but deliver nothing.  If these disenchanted people believeTrump can represent them I think they will have a sad awakening.

Here is another way to look at it, Trump is in effect the anti-Obama.  That might seem good to many of those who hate Obama.  But, it also means that he is potentially extreme in the opposite direction and no-one really knows what he will do when actually in office.  He is a loose cannon on the deck of the ship of state, and he is answerable to no-one.  I would prefer a more moderate, middle-of the road Republican, who will cut Government spending, but maintain a  strong military, have sound economics that will increase jobs and is good for business and also is strongly supportive of Israel.  Not too much to ask for. But in US elections I usually find myself voting against someone, rather than for someone, and it may happen again.


4 thoughts on “Donald vs. Hillary

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  2. Hi Jack, We seem to be on the same page politically, but Cruz, along with Trump is unacceptable to me. I’m pleased that Sanders will probably not be the Democrat candidate, but as you say, Hillary is a liar. And although she is by far the most experienced candidate, I don’t think she has performed well.  The Trump phenomenon is bigger than Trump. It represents decades of increasing anger by the non-progressive/liberal Americans, a group that appears to be shockingly large. Here is an interesting op-ed that sums up things fairly well:

    I don’t think this situation is anywhere near resolution. The far left does not yet grasp how impactful the Trumper are, and has no clue how extreme their own positions are. It will be a rough ride, and with foreign affairs in such a ragged state and no one else ready to assume America’s role, who knows how it will work out.  I note that Hillary could be indicted and convicted, but could still be the Democratic candidate, and could win. This would be an apt result in this off-the-wall political year.  Bob


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