A Colossal Mistake

There was a resurgence of Palestinian terrorism in Israel this week coinciding with the visit of US VP Joe Biden. The Palestinians are extremely anti-American and the worst attack yesterday was in Jaffa that resulted in the killing of a young American. This is a colossal mistake by the Palestinians.  It may seem like a victory to them, and it certainly will cost Israel maybe a billion dollars in lost tourist revenue.  But it firmly puts the Palestinians on the side of Muslim terrorism as enemies of the USA.  No candidate running for the office of President can avoid supporting Israel.  It is worth more than gold in the cause of US support for Israel.

The terrorist in Jaffa attacked a group of four American tourists and stabbed Taylor Force (29), a US Iraqi war veteran and a student at Vanderbilt University on a visit to Israel, in the neck, killing him and also wounded his companions.  Then the terrorist ran along the main street of Jaffa stabbing people, one of whom hit him on the head with a guitar.  He  continued along the Tel Aviv seafront promenade where police caught up with him and shot him dead.  The terrorist (21) was from Kalkilya in the West Bank. In his rampage he stabbed 13 people, including a pregnant woman and two Israeli Arabs.

In Kfar Saba, a Palestinian terrorist, also from Kalkilya, followed a customer (39) into a store and stabbed him in the back several times.  He was over-powered by the store owner and the wounded customer who then stabbed the terrorist with his own knife.  Police arrived and shot the terrorist dead.  No-one could convince me that these “lone-wolf” attacks are carried out without organized coordination as the government would have us believe.

In Jerusalem, two terrorists in a car started shooting at a bus and other cars using a machine gun.  No-one was hurt in the bus. The police on duty nearby chased the car and exchanged fire with the terrorists and killed them.  One Arab Israeli bystander was shot and injured and no-one else was hurt.  Two border police officers are in serious condition after being shot, one in the head, by a terrorist outside the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.  The terrorist was chased by security forces and shot dead.  On Tues morning a Palestinian woman in her 50’s approached a group of police officers, suddenly producing a knife she attacked one officer and she was immediately shot dead.

These terrorist attacks were unequivocally condemned by VP Biden, who said that there is no justification whatsoever for such heinous crimes.  PM Netanyahu made the point that all civilized leaders should condemn such attacks.  However, on the contrary, the leader of the PA, Pres. Mahmud Abbas, who Biden is going next to visit in Ramallah, praises such killers as martyrs.  He gives their families money, that comes from donations from the US and EU.  Hamas in Gaza also lauded the killers as “heroic.”  A majority of Israeli are dissatisfied with the response of the Israeli Government to these terrorist attacks and demand more action, including expelling the families of those involved.


One thought on “A Colossal Mistake

  1. It all makes me feel sick to my stomach. As if Jews haven’t suffered enough.
    My son was in Israel recently on holiday with his friends and I was worried sick the whole time. I won’t be planning a trip anytime soon, I wouldn’t be able to relax.


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