Terrorism continues

On February 18, Staff Sgt. Yanai Weissman (21) saw two teenagers attacking people with knives in a supermarket in Jerusalem.  Although he was out of uniform and unarmed he raced to their aid and was himself stabbed and killed on the spot.  He left a wife and baby. The attackers were both wounded by another shopper with a gun.  This is why the IDF has ordered that all off-duty military personnel should carry their guns with them.  Many people are asking why they cannot go shopping without worrying for their lives.  Where was the guard at the entrance to the supermarket?

There were four attacks against security forces in the West Bank on Sunday morning

  1. A Palestinian assailant was shot and killed by IDF soldiers after he attempted to stab them near Nablus.
  2. Soldiers were on a security patrol near the Habitot junction in the Samaria region when a Palestinian teenager attempted to stab them, the IDF Spokesman’s Office said. None of the soldiers was wounded.  Qusai Diab Abu Al-Rub, 16, was killed by the soldiers. He is the cousin of Ahmed Najeh Abu Al-Rub, one of the three Palestinians who carried out the stabbing and shooting attack at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on February 3, in which Border Police-woman Hadar Cohen, 19, was killed.   The three assailants from the February 3 attack, all of whom were from Kabatiya, were killed. Since October, 10 Palestinian terrorists have been killed by the IDF while carrying out attacks against Israelis.
  3. In the area of Hebron on Sunday, a 14-year old Palestinian with a knife attempted to stab a soldier near the village of Kafr Bnei Naim.  In that attempted attack, soldiers overpowered the assailant and arrested him. There were no injuries.
  4. Near Tapuah junction, east of Ariel, Border Police arrested a Palestinian girl with a knife.  Initial investigations indicated that the 17-year-old suspect from the village of Kusra, less than 10 km. east of Tapuah junction, had arrived at the scene inspired by incitement on social media, intending to carry out an attack against Jews.  Police reported that during the incident, security forces stationed near the flashpoint intersection called on the suspect to stop, but she refused to heed their calls and continued advancing toward them.  The patrol’s commander cocked his weapon after which she halted. When asked to raise her hands, the security forces saw a knife in her hand drop to the ground.  The teen was taken in by security forces for further investigation (http://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Stabbing-attack-thwarted-Palestinian-teen-arrested-with-knife-at-Tapuach-Junction-445591).

In Jerusalem, settlers held a rally outside the Prime Minister’s office during the weekly government Cabinet meeting and called for an end to the rampant Palestinian terrorism on the streets of the country.  “The government must wake up,” Avi Ro’eh, head of the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea and Samaria, said at the rally.

Last Sunday, a Muslim woman was inciting Muslims to violence against Jews and shouting anti-Semitic slogans outside the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem where many terrorist attacks have occurred.  She was arrested and a crowd gathered, that was probably pre-organized, that tried to stop the police arresting her.  They were dispersed using tear gas.  It was determined that she was a member of the banned Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement’s female Murabitat section that engages in anti-Semitic incitement, as well as it’s male counterpart the Murabitin, that attempt to prevent Jews or Christians accessing the Temple Mount.  Recently they accosted a US Congressman who was visiting the site.

The pace of demolition of the homes of Palestinian terrorists is increasing.  In Jerusalem two homes of terrorists convicted of attacks last November were recently destroyed and others are planned for demolition.  This is one of the few ways that Israel can attempt to deter knife attacks by “lone-wolf” teenagers and others.  They will know for a certainty that they will be shot or captured and that their family home will be demolished. The only way a family can avoid this kind of retribution is to turn their children in who are planning of who have carried out an attack, and this has happened in several cases.  Also, PM Netanyahu is asking the Knesset to pass a bill that will allow the Government to expel the families of terrorists to Gaza.  This is being challenged in the Supreme Court by those opposed to what they consider to be a extreme measures against the families of terrorists.


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