Humorous Husbandry

Dear friends of IsBlog, here is a wonderful opportunity, just for you, the opportunity of a lifetime!

For 15 years I have been churning out these blog postings, mainly very serious stuff about the Middle East, Israel and the like, and occasionally I write a humorous piece about my troubles dealing with floods, termites and the like, and what happens, everyone tells me that they prefer these attempts at putting real experiences in a humorous light more than the serious stuff.  This is kind of disheartening for a student of political science.  But, I get the message, I realize that my true vocation should be in the realm of satire, of diy humor, like the one about the aliens taking over my washing machine.  A bit-far fetched, but funny.  To quote Jimmy in “Better Call Saul,” “I am but a humble vessel, the muse speaks thru me.”

So I decided to bring together all the humorous items that I have posted over the past years in IsBlog and see if they make a book.  I found 100 such articles, all short about 1-2 pages, that take up 244 pages (of a standard pocket book size).  I was going to publish this, under the title “Humorous Husbandry,” but then I had second thoughts.  I thought, who would really want to pay real money to read (or re-read) this stuff (no epithets needed).

Then I had a brain-wave, why not find out by the direct e-method.  Ask the readers.  So here’s the deal of a lifetime.  If you want to read or have this collection of humorous postings, dealing with kittens, floods, termites and friendly plumbers, all you have to do is send me an e-mail message and NIS 40 (or $10 or GBP 7) and I will send you the whole book (as a PDF file) by return on e-mail.   To send the money you can use Paypal (I have an account at or send the money to me by any other means.  In exchange you will receive a collector’s item that will grow in value and fun over the years (only kidding). Be the first on your e-block to own a copy of this delightful, crazy collection.  You won’t be sorry!


5 thoughts on “Humorous Husbandry

  1. Hello Jack. Yes, we would like the book of humorous pieces. Unfortunately, we do nothing over the inter-net, and I do not want totry now. Can we see you any day to give you the cash and collect the book. Hope all is well with you all. Shabbat Shalom to you both.


  2. Jack,

    I think you should upload it on to Amazon via CreateSpace and place it in the non-fiction humour category.

    We spoke today about what the public want to read. This could be such a book.



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