The Two-State Fantasy

Let us consider the consequences of a supposed “two-state solution” that is so popular among pro-Palestinian and diplomatic circles as a supposed “solution” to the Israel-Palestine dispute.  But, first let us acknowledge that the Palestinian Arabs, to the extent that they constitute a separate entity within the Arab world, cannot admit that the Jews have any right to sovereignty in what they consider to be Palestine.  For once they did they would in effect be giving up their own claim to sovereignty over all of Palestine.

So here are the consequences of a two-state solution:

  1. Fantasy: Let us suppose that in some fantasy vision of the future the Palestinian leadership, presumably of Fatah (which is the major element within the Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO) that controls the Palestine Authority (PA) on the West Bank, decided to actually make peace with Israel.  What would happen?  First of all Hamas, which is the Palestine Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist organization controlling Gaza after a coup against the PA in 2009, would declare war on the PA and try to take it over.  There would be bloody clashes in the West Bank, and into this chaos would come other extreme groups, such as the Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL). In other words, you would have a mini-state situation parallel to that of the failed states in Syria, Iraq and Libya, an entity torn asunder by internal terrorist conflict.
  2. Conflict: Let us suppose that Israel would stand aside and let the Palestinian factions fight it our in what has been recognized as an independent sovereign Palestine by the UN.  How long could this last?  What other powers would be attracted to intervene in this chaos.  Certainly Shia Iran would come in on the side of Hamas, as they are supporting Hamas in Gaza.  This would internationalize the intra-Palestine conflict.  Other parties, such as Sunni Saudi Arabia, Jordan and so on would be attracted to join the fray on the side of Fatah.  Another Arab mess.
  3. Pacification: In order to stop the Arab fratricide on its doorstep, Israel might be tempted to send in the IDF to throw all terrorists out of what Israel considers its own territory.  Then it might annex the territory and allow those Palestinians who are prepared to sign a statement that they are willing to accept Israeli citizenship to remain in their homes.  Those who were not so prepared would then constitute another Arab migration to adjacent countries, notably Jordan, Syria and Iraq.

Many will think that this is a mixture of fantasy and wishful thinking, but I challenge anyone to come up with a more realistic outcome to a “two-state solution” than this.  First, there is no such thing as a “solution” to a historic enmity such as this (don’t even begin to compare it to Ireland, they are rational).  Second, the liberal “two-staters” have not thought through the consequences.  Given the current state of the Arab Muslim world, can anyone guarantee a peaceful outcome to another Arab mini-state bordering Syria and the insanity that is going on there.



One thought on “The Two-State Fantasy

  1. Sorry to say, there will not be any solution to this problem until the ‘Palestinians’ give up the idea of casting Israel into the sea, If they think they can accomplish that they will try, then they can look around and see what a beautiful place the Jewish people created, and then they will proceed to blow it up, just like Gaza. Only then will the ‘Palestinians’ be happy, G-d forbid!


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