The Rotherham sex ring

Rotherham is a town of 250,000 in northern England with a large Asian minority, mainly of Pakistani origin.  Of late, Rotherham has become synonymous with a sex scandal of enormous proportions involving a gang of hundreds of Asian men and an estimated 1,400 English girls (from 12 to 18) who were groomed, raped and sexually assaulted and sold into prostitution over a period of 16 years (from 1997-2013). The range and scope of this child sex abuse scandal has amazed and horrified the English public.  What is most upsetting is that from 1999 on, various complaints were made to the police and investigations were started, but never concluded.  No complaints were ever followed up.  The police claim that they did not follow-up on complaints because they were afraid they would be accused of racism, for only investigating Asian men for this crime.  On the other hand, it seems very likely that the police themselves engaged in sexual activity with these minors and a hundred officers are now under investigation.  So this is a major British scandal.

The reason this is now news is that the ringleaders of this gang, a group of three brothers with the surname Hussain, have just been found guilty of child sex abuse in Rotherham and have been sentenced to 35, 25 and 19 years in jail.  The gang used to pick up girls from clubs, schools and the street and drive them to a secluded location and threaten to kill them unless they engaged in sex.  Then they would force them to continue to engage in sexual activity for years with other clients.  One very specific aspect of this case was that no Asian/Pakistani girls were involved in this abuse.  The Pakistani men only exploited white girls that they considered “fair game” because they were not Muslims and were considered little more than prostitutes or slaves.

In case you think this is a particular one-of-a-kind case, there have been similar gangs of Asian men engaged in child sex abuse in other British cities, including Rochdale, Oxford, Derby and Bristol.  Furthermore, it has emerged that girls were trafficked between these gangs in order to avoid detection when complaints were made and also that girls were sent around the country to engage in sex as a method of payment for debts.  It has not been established that any girls were murdered, although some are still missing.

The particular nasty aspect of this case is that these Muslims considered the indigenous white inhabitants of the locations where they settled as little more than slaves for their own gratification.  Now that another million Muslims have flooded into Europe you can expect in a few years another massive generation of such exploitation of white girls.  The rape and sexual abuse of several hundred women outside the Cologne train station last New Year’s eve, that also elicited no police action, is a first taste of this. What is the message, you can make up your own mind, but in my opinion beware Muslim immigrants.


2 thoughts on “The Rotherham sex ring

    • Only 80 women filed abuse cases with the police, but there were many more who did not file, as usually happens. It was like the situation in Tahrir Square in Cairo during the anti-Government demonstrations. There were hundreds of cases of attacks on women, but few if any cases were registered with police. How can you identify men in a huge crowd in the dark? In that case at least two foreign female journalists (American and Italian) were raped.


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