Magnetic personality

When I was a student in Cambridge it was de rigeur to ride a bike around town, in fact it was the only sensible way to get around.  But, I had never ridden a bike before (we were too poor to afford one), so I went and bought a second-hand one and set out to learn to ride it. How difficult could it be?

Actually I found it easy to ride a bike, just a question of balance.  But, there was one odd thing, every time someone else riding a bike came towards me I felt an irresistible urge to ride into them.  It was like a strong magnetic force.  I thought that maybe bikes were magnetically charged and this was the cause.  It led to several unfortunate, luckily minor, accidents. On several occasions we had to disentangle our bikes and on one occasion I narrowly escaped injury, as well as several people swerving away from me and shouting unpleasant epithets, not really deserved.  However, I found that the faster I went the less was the attraction, presumably because of the momentum built up.  In time, I managed to compensate for this magnetic attraction and became an experienced rider.

Now however, I am finding that when I am walking along the street I am feeling this same strange attraction to walk into people coming towards me.  I am having to deliberately force myself not to crash into them.  This has resulted in some strange looks and occasional exclamations and apologies by me.  Since this has not happened for a long time I am puzzled why it has returned.  But, it does show that the effect was not due to the magnetization of the bikes, but is rather a human effect.  So it seems I have discovered delayed action magnetic human attraction (DAMHA).  If you see me walking fast, don’t try to stop me, it could result in injury.


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