Bernie Sanders is the first Jew to win a primary in a Presidential nomination.  Should I be proud?  In this case – not!

Bernie is every pro-Israeli Jew’s worst nightmare.  As a self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie is one of those Jews who feels that he must bend over backwards in order to prove to all the other good internationalists that he is not particularist in his opinions, but rather like them he holds Israel to a higher standard.  He cannot be seen to be favoring Israel (unlike his right wing Republican rivals) since that would label him as more of a Jew than an internationalist.  He supports the rights of minorities and the down-trodden against Wall Street and American power.  In fact he would be worse than Obama, even worse than Hillary Clinton, in fact he would be the worst ideological leader in US history.

It is said that Bernie appeals to the young, mainly because the young know nothing (especially in America).   I was a socialist when I was young, but then I grew up and matured. There are some who never do that, such as Bernie, and now we have him running for Pres.  It’s sad really, what is his platform?  It’s main plank is to destroy the power of Wall Street, tax companies, remove incentives for people to make money, and above all to provide government services to the poor and disadvantaged.  That’s all very nice, but the perennial problem is where is all the money going to come from to pay for these government services?   The fact is that socialism doesn’t work.  This is what has destroyed the economies of so many European countries (France, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc..)  Bernie wants to Europeanize the USA.

So after Obama, and his attempts at healthcare and his disastrous foreign policy, why would anyone vote for Bernie.  He’s actually a black man in white-face.  Even Hillary is less like Obama than Bernie, and at least she has some experience of government, even if a lot of it is also disastrous (Benghazi, the e-mail scandal, the lies about secrets, etc.).  So that leaves me with the choice of a Republican – Oy!


4 thoughts on “Bernie

  1. Jack,
    Marvellous, brilliant, expose of what could happen if, God forbid, this un-matured socialistt took power. Can you just see all the world’s troubles being blamed on that US Jew in the most powerful position in the world. The anti-Semites will have their heyday.
    Let’s hope the Republicans give us a better choice.
    Ida Plaut


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