Choices, choices

Whatever criticisms one may have of the American electoral system, one cannot fault it for the choices it gives the electorate, the American people.  For example you have an arch-capitalist, a billionaire who made his money in real estate deals, Donald Trump, against a populist socialist who wants to give money to the poor and down-trodden, Bernie Sanders.  Although Trump is not a mainstream Republican and Sanders is not a mainstream Democrat, nevertheless the system has thrown up these extreme candidates for the American voters to choose between.  It is a case largely of the voters wanting to vote for people outside the mainstream, being fed-up with the status quo.

Actually we have not arrived at that stage yet, these are still the primaries, each major party is choosing its candidate for the final Presidential election.  So the question is, will the Republican and Democrat voters in their primaries choose the extreme candidates, Trump and Sanders, as they did in New Hampshire, or will they choose the more mainstream representatives of their respective parties, in this case Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton.  There are of course caveats, the Republican field still has other contenders, including Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and so on. But, there is a winnowing process, with Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina out after New Hampshire and there will be more defections in in the subsequent competitions.  But, given that Cruz is very right wing and that Hillary has several major issues against her candidacy, one cannot predict what will happen.

Overall then, the American voters will eventually have the option to choose between candidates that have been through a thorough testing process.  You may not like them, or appreciate the winner, but you can’t criticize them for not being tough enough and for not having raised enough money to stay the course.  Meanwhile there is a long way yet to go.


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