Destroy Syria!

The Israeli Army Chief of Staff Benny Gantz to the Prime Minister: Bibi you are asking us to wipe out the Syrian enemy, but we can’t do it.  The whole world would be against us, can you imagine?  If we bombed Aleppo, a city of over 2 million people, and reduced it to rubble, there would be hundreds of thousands of refugees.  It would unite the whole world against us, the Arabs, the Americans, the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, the Turks, the neutrals, everyone.

Bibi: But, Benny, Syria is the last remaining enemy of the Arab States that surround us that refuses to deal with us at all.  The Assads are continually fomenting violence against us through Lebanon, using Hizbollah as a surrogate, and there have been numerous wars and clashes, while Assad continually builds up his forces.  How long are we supposed to accept this situation.  Also, the Syrian people have been indoctrinated to believe that it is their right and duty to kill all Israelis and Jews.  Syria leads the rejectionist front. This is intolerable.

Benny: I caution patience.  The Syrians are proxies of Iran, and even if we wiped out Aleppo as an example of our strength, as the Allies did to Dresden in 1944, it would only cause Iran to resupply the Assads and Hizbollah with even greater military weapons. If we wait long enough the internal stability of all these Arab States that have been controlled by military dictatorships for generations will eventually break down.  Their people are getting poorer as they pour all their wealth into arms in order to fight a convenient enemy.

Bibi:  Yes, but that convenient enemy is us!  Ok, we’ll wait and see what happens.

So they waited and sure enough who destroyed Aleppo, the Syrian Air Force, dropping barrel bombs filled with high explosives on their own civilians, supported by the Russian Air Force and the Syrian Army on the ground.  And elsewhere in Syria, the Islamic State took over ca. 40% of the country and murdered hundreds of thousands of Syrians, because they didn’t like them.  And the Kurds began to flex their muscles and took over several regions in the north.  As well as the insurrectionist opposition that started the whole thing by opposing Assad, in the streets and then in battle.  So Syria is divided into four sections, each fighting each other, the Assad regime (supported by the Russians and the Iranians), the Opposition (Free Syrian Army), the IS and the Kurds.  After 5 years of war, Syria is essentially a destroyed country, with 6.4 million refugees distributed in Turkey (2 million), Jordan (1.2 million), Lebanon (1 million), Iraq (1 million) and Germany and Scandinavia (1.2 million), as well as several million internally displaced people and ca. 400,000 dead.

The current situation is that the Assad regime supported by the Russian air force is gaining ground around Aleppo and the remaining ca. 350,000 people there are fleeing, mostly to the Turkish border, where several hundred thousand are gathering, but are not being allowed to enter Turkey, which claims it is already full of refugees.  I suppose I should feel sorry for the suffering of the Syrian people, but we had nothing to do with it. Complain to Assad, to Putin and to Ayatollah Khamanei of Iran, they are the architects of Syria’s downfall and suffering.  Meanwhile the Arab countries are saying (again) that they will send supplies to the Syrian Opposition, and the Americans are too busy with their election campaign to take notice.  At least Syria is no longer a threat to Israel.  Sometimes doing nothing and waiting is the best policy.




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