Back to normal

I missed writing several blog posts because my son Simon was visiting from California for a week to see his Mom and me.  We also went down to Beersheva to see our daughter Miriam and her whole family.  They had gathered to greet her and Jeff on their return from a trip to South Africa.  Miriam is the AACI employee in Beersheva and had gone on the trip as the AACI representative.

It was a very enjoyable family get-together, punctuated by moments of difficulty and sometimes sheer terror.  Most of you will know by now that my wife has Alzheimer’s Disease, that has unfortunately advanced recently.  Apart from the usual difficulty in persuading Naomi to participate in various activities, to eat and drink and take pills, at one point she locked herself in the toilet and she was banging on the door and shouting “let me out, let me out!”  Of course, she has used that and many other toilets many times before, without any difficulty to simply slide the bolt back.  We tried to calm her and I asked her to slide the bolt, but she did not understand.  We were debating how to break the door down, when after about 5 mins the door suddenly opened.  She had probably used trial and error to get herself out of there.  We immediately went into prevention mode, sticking tape over all the locks and when we got home we simply removed one that might cause a problem. This is only another indicator of her deterioration.

So that’s how I spent my vacation.  Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible, hopefully.


4 thoughts on “Back to normal

  1. So glad that you are home and in familiar surroundings again. Family time is important for everyone, but the expressions of the love and positive reinforcement that were given by so many people in her family, must have been fantastic. Hope you took a lot of pictures.


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