Defeat for BDS

The anti-Israel BDS movement in the UK is about to suffer a severe setback, according to their own leadership, the Palestine BDS organization from which they take their marching orders (as reported by the Friends of UK Lawyers for Israel

The Conservative UK Government of PM Cameron has decided to introduce legislation into Parliament to prevent local councils in the UK from engaging in direct boycotts of foreign countries.  The fact is that this has been the main mechanism used by the BDS to hurt Israel, and this boycott approach has been used against no other foreign country than Israel.  Notwithstanding the terrible human rights abuses of counties like Syria, China, Russia, Somalia, etc. etc. the only country this so-called movement has been motivated to boycott is democratic, liberal Israel.  What a farce.

At last this ridiculous situation will be taken care of by the British Government. The Conservative Government of PM Cameron is so far solidly pro-Israel, and they know better than anyone else the value of maintaining ties with Israel, that provides them with valuable weapons, training and intelligence.  They also know that an academic boycott of Israeli universities would actually hurt Britain more than Israel.  Israel has a far greater range of innovation in the electronics and biotech area than Britain, for example, little Israel has more start-up companies than all of western Europe combined.

People have suggested that in retaliation for the BDS movement, Jews and Israelis should boycott Arab goods, but there is nothing they produce that we want.  And as for an academic boycott of Arab countries, are you kidding?  That would really be hilarious.


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