Vichy Again

France has once again shown that it is a Republic that is all style but no substance. During WWII France, after putting on a good show, not only capitulated to the Germans, but then established a collaborationist regime centered at Vichy.  Now, after the attacks in Paris on Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper-Kosher Supermarket last year and the attacks that killed 130 people a few months ago, France has now shown to the IS that it is capitulating.  How is it doing this, by giving an ultimatum to Israel.  Either accept our two-state peace plan or we will unilaterally recognize a Palestine State.  This is the blackmail policy of socialist President Hollande that is basically a message to IS that we will toe your line, we are not really your enemy.

How can anyone take this so-called French plan seriously?  What it amounts to is a capitulation to the Palestinian side.  By saying that if Israel does not do what we insist then we will recognize a Palestine State, lets the Palestinians completely off the hook.  They don’t have to do anything to achieve their goal.  But, in fact, this “plan” can’t work, because typically there is no substance to the French plan for a Palestine State:  1. Such a State cannot exist and cannot function without the agreement and involvement of Israel; 2. Such a State cannot exist without the acceptance by its political elite and people of the existence of the Jewish State of Israel; 3. The so-called Palestinians are irretrievably divided between the Islamist Hamas in Gaza and the nationalist Arab Fatah/PLO in the West Bank; 4. There are no functioning bodies that can constitute a working and functioning State existing within the current status of the Palestine Authority, it is bankrupt and corrupt.

I agree with the editorial of The Jerusalem Post that concludes that France is a country without principles or credibility.  If they think they can coerce or blackmail Israel into accepting their pathetic plan they should have thought these serious matters through before capitulating to the Muslims (see


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