The Presidential Candidates

The Iowa Caucuses have declared, and on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton won by a whisker (less than 1 %) over her rival Sen. Bernie Sanders.  But, this must be considered a poor showing for her as the party favorite and heir apparent to Pres. Obama.  Since Sanders declares himself a socialist, even I would prefer Clinton over him.

But, Clinton has several issues to answer for: 1. Her screw-up in Benghazi, when as Secty. of State, she refused support to her Ambassador and his security detail that got them killed by Islamic terrorists; 2. Her use of a private and unsecure e-mail system when she was Secty. of State and her lie that none of her e-mails were classified.  Since then it has been shown that hundreds were in fact top secret and could have been read by any fairly clever hacker. She is currently under investigation by the FBI for offenses that would have had anyone else long since in jail.  3. The content of her e-mails has revealed a strong anti-Israel bias in the views of her close advisers.  I refer to an article by Shmuley Boteach, “Torrent of anti-Israel advice found in Hillary’s e-mails,” ( showing the not unsurprising anti-Israel bias among liberal Democrats, for example, from her trusted Jewish aide Sid Blumenthal.  Sandy Berger her foreign policy advisor sent her advice on how to pressure PM Netanyahu to make concessions to the Palestinians. And former US Ambassador to Israel Sam Pickering advised a secret campaign to stir up Palestinian protests in the West Bank, even if it brought Hamas into power there and even if it resulted in “the murder of countless Jews.”  So much for the enmity of our supposed friends.  Given the lack of credibility on the Democratic side, this leads us to look more seriously at the Republic candidates.

On the Republican side, Sen. Ted Cruz at 28% just defeated Donald Trump by 4%, which was the first time the Donald has been defeated.  As far as I am concerned Trump is an unprincipled loose cannon.  However, Cruz is very right-wing and has evangelical support.  What was more significant was that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio got 23% and was only 1% behind Trump.  So the Republican race is now a three-horse race and as other candidates back out it is not difficult to predict that their supporters will got to Rubio.  So watch Rubio, he is younger, more charismatic and more main-stream than the other two.  I predict Rubio for President and would vote for him.


3 thoughts on “The Presidential Candidates

  1. Jack,
    we agree:

    remember when we were” Left Wing” – or said we were, or thought we were, or thought we ought to be.



  2. (*SIGH…*)
    Just as Israelis do not like or appreciate Americans meddling in their state of affairs – I’m sure you remember Netanyahu’s infamous “You live in Chevy Chase…” comment? – Americans don’t appreciate Britons meddling in the American state of affairs, albeit from an armchair in Netanya…

    Note to file — Shock/Horror! the Israelis are spying on the US; the Americans are spying on Israel. IT happens all the time… only the knuckleheads get caught.

    Regarding the Benghazi Bruhaha, which is nothing more than GOP politicking at its slumming worst, you’ve got to stop being an unwitting mouthpiece for Fox News. Only they and their conservative, low-information voters believe the blather about the Consulate, and only because they think it improves their media ratings. Those sham hearings only made Sec. Clinton look presidential, while the GOP in Congress — with its 10% approval rating — looked impotent and stupid.

    As for the equine feces about the e-mails, it has now come out that the two secretaries of state for GWBush used the same process. Why has the Republican Congress not tried to drag them in the mud as they have tried (unsuccessfully) to do to Mrs. Clinton?


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