Nowhere is safe

What do these countries have in common: Burkino Faso; Indonesia; Turkey; France; USA; Britain; Belgium; Germany; Israel; Tunisia; Nigeria; Egypt; Kenya; Pakistan; India; etc.  The obvious answer is that they have all been hit by Islamic terrorism, the most recent attacks being attributed to the so-called Islamic State.  Now some might object to the inclusion of Israel in this list, and claim that Israel is a special case, that Israel is only hit by Palestinian terrorism, that is not really Islamic terrorism.  But, that would be incorrect, most of those carrying out attacks against Israeli citizens are in fact members or followers of Hamas, that is definitely an Islamic, and in fact an Islamist, terrorist organization.  They seek not only to destroy Israel, but to destroy the US and Western/ Christian/secular civilization and to re-institute the Islamic Caliphate, no different than IS.

But, my intention in making this list is not to justify Israel’s inclusion in it, but to point out that nowhere is now safe from IS terror.  From San Bernadino, CA, to Paris, France, to Jakarta, Indonesia, anyone can be cut down in a second.  Furthermore, IS deliberately attack tourists, and by using suicide bombers they can attack in daylight when least expected.  The whole civilized world needs to act together to counter this scourge.  But, where is the US leadership?  With Pres. Obama, forget it.  He is not only incapable, he is also a lame duck.  So we will have to await a new President to see what kind of international leadership in the war against IS is forthcoming.  Incidentally, contrary to Obama, any new consortium of states against IS should not include Iran, since Iran is as much of an implacable enemy of the West as IS.

Given this list and the fact that Islamic terrorists act mainly against tourists, one should chose one’s destination carefully.  For example, lots of Australians went to Bali for vacations.  In 2002 Bali was struck by a pair of bombings that killed 80, including mostly Australians.  In southern Malaysia there are many vacation islands.  But, the Abu Sayyaf Islamic separatist group from Mindanao in the Philippines and its surrounding islands have used boats to attack the islands in Malaysia, not against Malaysia per se, but against the foreign tourists there.  Some were killed and some captured and taken hostage.

My suggestion is do not visit any Muslim country, this includes all of N. Africa, the Gulf States, Malaysia and Indonesia.  Or any country that is adjacent to a country where there is a Muslim uprising, this includes Kenya and the Philippines.  Or a country that is a magnet for Muslim migration where there are thousands of young unemployed Muslims, such as most of the European Union, including Sweden, Germany, France, Italy and Greece.  This would cut out a lot of tourist hotspots, but in the present climate it is better to be safe than sorry.


One thought on “Nowhere is safe

  1. Dear Jack:
    Where to vacation to get away from the terrorists? I humbly, as always, suggest a couple of my favorite destinations…
    * Germantown, Md. — Great for a “stay-cation”… Lots of restaurants and hotels, and lots of local stuff to see… If you want to trek down to WDC you can, but there’s certainly enough local history and flavor close in. Confederate flags anyone? Not to mention Redskins’ junk and fans…
    * Worcester, Mass. — Bless their heart, even at the best of times, “Wustah” seems like the terrorists thought about bombing it, and then decided that it too much resembled the destitution of home…
    * Lewes, Del. — Most of the vacationers on the Delaware shore go to Rehoboth, Bethany, Dewey, Fenwick, etc., not to mention Ocean City, Md., and those make great bombing targets… less folks go to Lewes…
    * Bar Am, Isr. — On the Lebanese border, life these days is virtually placid… who’da thunk?

    Anyone else with any other ideas? Glad I could help…

    ~ Ron


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