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In my recent blog about the hypocrisy of Swedish FM Margot Wallstrom, I missed including the last paragraph.  Here it is:

Every summer there is a youth concert in Stockholm.  At the last event many girls and women were assaulted and raped by Afghan and other Muslim men.  They complained to the police but nothing was done.  It was a politically correct cover-up.  After the events in Cologne recently this came to light and now there is an investigation of the rapes and the police.  Wallstrom should put her own house in order before criticizing Israel.  Israel has now declared Wallstrom persona non grata and excluded Sweden from all dealings with the so-called peace process.

Now here are a few more items about Wallstrom:

A recent report has exposed the fact that the Union movement in Sweden has been renting expensive apartments in hotels in Stockholm for the use of its socialist supporters.  Wallstrom is one of those who has availed herself of this opportunity, a clear case of bribery of a public official.  Note that Wallstrom, who has often expressed anti-Israel views has also in the past stated anti-Semitic opinions. Wallstrom has never received any higher education, she left school at the age of 18 and is essentially uneducated.

Here are a few more items about Sweden:

1. Many people do not know that Sweden fought a 100 year bloody war with Denmark to take over and occupy what is now southern Sweden, but was for hundreds of years part of the Danish Kingdom.  So if there was ever an occupier of foreign land it is Sweden.

2. Sweden occupied what is now Norway up and until the movement for Norwegian independence in the 19th century.  Sweden fought to retain Norway, but eventually lost.  Not so devoted to self-determination.  Sweden also conquered and occupied Finland and the Baltic States until expelled by the Russians.

3. Socialist PM Olof Palme of Sweden was a campaigner for the rights of under-represented and oppressed peoples and was extremely pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. But, at the same time he was making money selling arms to whoever would buy them.  He was assassinated in Stockholm in 1986 by a Kurd, and after a cover-up it was revealed that he had reneged on a huge arms shipment to the Kurds after taking their money.  So much for the hypocrisy of the holier-than-thou Swedes.



3 thoughts on “More on Sweden

  1. Jack, I live near Nahariya on the North West coast if Israel. May I copy and paste ‘More on Sweden’ onto my Facebook page? Perhaps you will give me oermission to do similiar with other future blogs of yours? I will, of course, credit you having written the articles. I can also include your blog address. Please let me know. I like your style and content.


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