Gun Control

For once I can say that I agree with President Obama, gun control in the USA is essential. The toll of deaths of children, students, policemen and ordinary citizens is obscene.  I come from a country, the UK, where the people and the police are not armed.  But, if they were the toll of deaths from shootings would be in the hundreds if not thousands from the many demonstrations and civil conflicts.  On the other hand, I live in a country, Israel, where people are under constant threat of random and brutal terrorism.  So I understand the need for people to be able to defend themselves with privately owned guns.  But, after so many massacres something has to be done in the USA, and some form of gun control is needed.  The vast majority of Americans agree with this.

The argument that I hear from Republican candidates, totally supporting the amendment to allow citizens to “bear arms,” are fallacious.  One popular slogan is “guns don’t kill people, people do,” but, a person without a gun cannot shoot someone.  Or, “it’s people who pull triggers,” but they couldn’t pull a trigger if they didn’t have a gun.  The fact is that there are millions of guns owned around the US, but something has to be done to prevent more guns getting into the hands of the insane and criminal without preventing lawful citizens from exercising their rights.  After all the US is not the UK.

What Obama is proposing, since he cannot get any anti-gun law through Congress, is to use his executive power to increase the checks on gun purchasers.  As it is the checks are not done seriously and they are easy to get around.  Furthermore, why do people need assault rifles or machine guns that can only be used to kill people.   It is necessary now to face the facts, the US is no longer a “frontier country,” where there is no law enforcement.  It needs to change with the times.  Also, there are simple rules that could be enforced, for example every registered gun owner that has children should be required to obey strict rules about how the guns must be stored.  Random visits should be made, so that the guns cannot fall into the hands of disaffected teens, who decide to go out and shoot their schoolmates and teachers because they were rude to them.   Or teens who think it would be fun to shoot up people in a movie theater.  These attacks must be stopped.

I actually like Pres. Obama, he is a decent, articulate man.  However, he was and is unqualified for the job of President and his foreign policy is a disaster.  The US has failed to fulfill its obligations in the world and has left a power vacuum that is now responsible for the deaths of millions of people.  His failure to be effective in domestic policy has also resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Americans by idiots with guns.




2 thoughts on “Gun Control

  1. Jack, I, too, come the UK, with its gun control, and I have also lived in the USA for 23 years before emigrating to Israel a few years ago.
    I wish to offer my insights snd opinipns on this blog of yours.
    The UK has a population of about 66 million, and the USA about 330 million, in a vast country. The USA, in 1776, was founded on no gun control, and continues today, 240 years later.The idea of owning a gun was for protection from criminals that could also include government officials. The constitution was created to preserve the integrity of both government and individual.

    If, today, tbe American people were disarmed, they would most definitely be at the mercy of criminals who can always obtain guns, legal or not. The same can be said about the UK.

    Whereas an unarmed person cannot shoot a person, that person can and is often shot by criminals in the USA. Armed civilians have also saved lives.

    According to my research, the school children in the USA who murded fellow pupils and teachers were all (if not, most) on heavy medication, psychotropic drugs, in fact. Some adults doing the same thing were also medicated (the USA has the most nedicated people in the world, according to reports and my own personal experience. (I have lived on 4 continents, in 5 countries, within which I lived in different places, in this way I have my own experience of comparison).

    I agree, assault rifles and machine guns are over the top. However, the Americans have been indulging in this excess for more than a century. This is a crucial and sensitive time for Americans to give up their guns in the face of corruption and violence in the police force and local law enforcers, including the goverment’s demonstration of African American, Jewish, Native American racism. Their history is rife with white supremacy. Look at the Ku Klux Klan, for instance.

    Gun control in America is not a clear cut issue, and is worthy of discussion. Many Americans see their government seeking to divest their individualof freedom, and imposing strict control. Support of this premise can be found in many of the USA governments, seemingly nefarious activities, such as, ‘chemtrails,’ far too many police suspects dying while in custody, and the incredibly large number of Obama’s executive orders, the most recent of which was a bill, attached to a transportation bill of 1,000 pages (no one read it) presented to the House when attendence was low. This order gives the president the ability to control water and food supplies, and control the population in any way he sees fit. A previous order enables the government to enter homes without a warrant, and arrest/incarcerate anyone without due process. The people will not go without a fight, and this, I believe is a big reason why they will not give up their weapons so easily.

    Today, especislly, when governments demonstrate their very poor governance, individuals may be seeking their own ways to protect themselves, as can be seen by the citizen vigilantes in Sweden. Whatever happens, we are all in for the tide of our lives over the next few years.

    I apologise for any ‘typos.’ I wrote this on my phone (Oy Vey).


    • I don’t entirely subscribe to your premise that all the kids who shot others were on psychotropic drugs. Rather they were on drugs because they were disturbed. Hence there should be a mechanism to keep guns away from them. I appreciate your feedback, but please try to keep is shorter in future.


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