The attacks in Cologne

On New Year’s eve there were attacks by gangs of North African and Arab youths in towns around Germany.  The worst case was in  Cologne, where in front of the Main Railway Station approx 1,000 Muslim youths rioted and sexually assaulted women, including rapes as well as violence and thefts.  When the police arrived they were outnumbered by the youths and were not able to restore order, and in fact were attacked by the youths and rockets (fireworks) were shot at the police.

At first the police downplayed the incident, but as of now over 120 women have brought complaints of rape and sexual assault, and as details emerge it is clear that the situation was far worse than admitted and was clearly a case of complete breakdown of law and order.  Not only were the police unprepared for the situation, but they failed to respond adequately.  Only now are the police increasing their presence, and both cameras and extra lighting are being installed in public places all over Germany.  The Police Chief of Cologne has stated quite clearly that the youths were of N. African and Arab origin.  But, it became clear that he and others deliberately covered up the extent of the riot, presumably for fear of being labelled racist.  The police chief has now resigned.

These attacks come at a very inconvenient time for Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is defending her decision to accept over 1 million migrants in 2015, almost all Muslims from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.  It has been found that a large proportion of the youths arrested for rape and assault in Cologne are themselves migrants and some of the cell phones that were stolen have been found in migrant camps.  So much for the liberal interpretation that if you are nice to them they will be nice back, on the contrary.

The Swedish and Danish Governments have been forced to act to keep out further numbers of Muslim and African migrants.  Note that these Governments severely criticized Israel for putting up the security fence around the West Bank to prevent the incursion of Palestinian Arabs, both illegal workers and terrorists.  They now themselves have to close their borders to Muslims, contrary to the EU Schengen Agreement of open borders.  After a sharp rise in the past five years, Sweden now has the second highest rate of rape in the world.   In Germany, women are now afraid to go out alone in public.  The fact is that most of the immigrants are young men, who are essentially unemployable, with no education, training or trade and are unable to speak the local language.  Among them are some older professional men with families who are taking the opportunity to escape the terrible situation in their home countries to establish themselves in Europe.

There is little doubt that the situation in Germany and Scandinavia will get worse as the impact of the current wave of immigrants is felt and as the unemployed Muslim youths get bolder.  But, frankly I have little sympathy for the liberal-leftist anti-Israel, Pro-Palestinian Germans and Swedes.  They have chosen sides and this is their fate.


2 thoughts on “The attacks in Cologne

  1. I’m very curious to know are there many cases of rape in Israel by Palestinians against Israelis?
    Because they see it as their right to have any female that isn’t veiled.


    • As far as I know there are not so many. I remember a case in which a young Jewish girl disappeared in the South and her body was discovered and it was a Beduin who did it, and another girl disappeared in Tiberias after work and they caught the Israeli Arab who killed her and burnt her body. But, generally if the Palestinians get close enough to do harm they usually throw rocks or petrol bombs or shoot people.


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