Star Wars: The Force Fizzles

Like so many other people we succumbed to the hype and went to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakes.”  I must admit that I was embarrassed by it, it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  What bunkum!  What rubbish, what claptrap.  Infinitely worse than the originals.  Harrison Ford looked uncomfortable and certainly was not bothering to act.  Gen. Leia whatever her name, was like a block of wood.  Nothing, nothing was authentic or believable.   It was so politically correct it was laughable, they had to have a white woman and a black guy to be the new heroes.  And their roles were so incredibly predictable that it was pathetic.  How could this slip of a girl defeat everyone and everything so easily with a large swizzle stick.  Ridiculous!

Everything was like a second rate duplication, more storm troopers, more stupid old star ships.  Give me a break, how could his old ship work immediately after 8 years without repair and fuel.   Of course, the threat from the Dark Side had to be greater than before, with a  bigger better death star with a bigger and better weapon and a bigger and better Great Leader (alias Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Stalin, etc. etc.) while the poor downtrodden forces of the Republic, outsmarted them…a second rate retelling of WWII.

If this is what earned a billion dollars, I quake for the future of the film industry.  A. A. Abrams of whatever his name is, needs to get himself some good screenwriters.  There was not a moment of real tension or terror, it was all laughable.  Especially the good (black) storm trooper, who could’t kill the poor peasants.  He was the only one whose indoctrination from birth failed.  It can happen, but was it believable, not at all.   Next time get some real actors, some good scriptwriters and another director, but don’t worry I will not be going again.  I’ve seen enough of this money-making drivel.  Who cares who is whose son/father or daughter/mother.  Who cares, period.


2 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Fizzles

  1. Thanks for saving us the money, Jack. My husband and I were getting enthusiastic about seeing it, he did read some bad reviews that put him off though!


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