Jewish terrorism

The firebombing of a house in the village of Duma in the West Bank last September and the consequent death of the Dawabshe family, an infant, father and mother, was the first case of deaths of Palestinians due to so-called “Jewish terrorism.”  I say “so-called” because it has taken four months of investigation by the police and secret services to identify the Jewish individual who perpetrated this crime.  Also, although Jewish extremists have existed for some time, there has been no other case documented that I am aware of in which their action resulted in loss of life.  Compare this of course to the thousands of deaths of Israeli Jews that have resulted from Palestinian Arab terrorism, including the first intifada, the second intidifa and the current so-called knife-intifada.

After meticulous investigation the culprit was indicted on Sunday and has been named as Amiram Ben-Uliel (21), with an unnamed minor, from the so-called hilltop youths.  Those are Jewish extremists who live on hilltops in Judea and Samaria and try to start new settlements.  Usually these settlements are not recognized and are illegal and the hilltop youths are removed by the security and armed forces.  Amiram and other Jewish extremists have accused the Israeli secret service Shin Bet of torture.  What this torture amounted to, whether deprivation of sleep, or physical torture, such as beating or water-boarding, we do not know.  But, this will be decided in court.

Let me clarify something, in case there is any doubt, terrorism is terrorism, whether carried out by Jew or Arab, and must be treated in the same way.  All Israeli citizens are equal before the law and the vast majority agree with this sentiment.  However, Palestinians are not Israeli citizens, just as Muslims captured in Afghanistan were not US citizens, and so were treated as enemy combatants.  The full weight of the law must be applied to Jewish terrorists who take life. These terrorists are enemies of the State of Israel, they are operating outside the law and trying to bring a reign of terror into the lives of Arabs, just as the Arabs are doing to the Jews.  However, as I said before one must retain a sense of perspective, over 3,000 Israeli Jews have been killed by Arab terrorists since the 1960’s, while as far as I am aware only 3 Arabs have been killed by Jewish terrorists.  These Jewish terrorists also want to control the destiny of the Jewish State, such as Yigal Amir who assassinated PM Rabin.  Some even want to establish a Jewish religious State in Judea, separate from the modern democratic State of Israel.  It is 3,000 years since there were two Jewish States, and such a division would only lead to the collapse of both, as it did in the past.  We cannot allow that to happen again.

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