Muslim opinion

I watched a video of an interview of about 20 mostly young American Muslims of various origins on American TV by a reporter who asked them questions without interrupting them with his own responses or opinions (see  This is what the majority believed that I found most objectionable:

  1. Israel should not or cannot be a Jewish State because that is “apartheid” or prejudiced against the Arab/Muslim minority.  What about the 22 Arab States, they are all officially Muslim States, and none of them allow Jews to freely practice their religion or even live freely.  There is not one Arab country that is a democracy like Israel.  In Israel, Arab citizens freely practice their religion and vote for representatives in the Parliament (Knesset).  Among the total of 39 Muslim States there are barely 4 partial democracies – Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan and Indonesia, most are listed as “Authoritarian regime” (see
  2. The Jews stole the land from the poor Palestinians.  Completely untrue.  The Jews had a legal right to the land under the Balfour Declaration of 1917, ratified in the Treaties of San Remo and Sevres after WWI and confirmed by the League of Nations in the British Mandate and subsequently by the United Nations.  Further the surrounding Arab States (Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq) attacked the nascent Jewish State in 1948 with overwhelming forces, before there was even a “Palestinian Arab people,” which did not exist until 1967.  The IDF defeated the Arab invaders and established Israeli independence.
  3. Israel mistreats Christian Arabs as well as Muslim Arabs.  This is a lie, the Arab Christian population is increasing in Israel, while it is rapidly decreasing throughout the Muslim/Arab world.  Christian Churches have been attacked and burnt down in Egypt (Copts), Iraq (Chaldeans), Lebanon (Maronites), Syria (Arameans) and Nigeria.  This is particularly true in the Palestinian areas, for example 50 years ago there were 80% Christian Arabs in Bethlehem, now there are barely 20%.  The loss has been due to constant persecution and terrorism by Muslims.  The main church in Gaza was attacked and burnt down.  There is no future for Christians in the entire Arab world.
  4. Before Israel, Muslims and Jews got along without any problems.  This is a laughable distortion.  For example, there were murderous Arab riots in Palestine under the British in 1921 (massacre in Tel Aviv), 1929 (massacre in Hebron), 1936 (the Arab uprising), 1947 (the massacre at Hadassah), 1948 (the War of Independence).  There is a myth that Jews were treated fairly by the Muslims, that is not true.  The Koran abounds with massacres of Jews and Jews were mistreated throughout the Islamic world, where they were treated as subjugated people (dhimmis) and forced to pay a special tax (jizya).  The so-called “golden age” in Spain lasted barely 100 years and was the exception to hundreds of years of Jewish persecution by Muslims (and Christians).  These are easily verifiable facts.
  5. Palestinians deserve or must have a State of their own.  There is no universal right to have a state for any particular people.  For example, there are ca. 30 million Kurds, but they don’t have a state.  The Palestinians have failed to achieve statehood because they have embraced the typical Muslim/Arab extremist attitude of demanding everything.  They refused to compromise and accept the possibility of a State in negotiations with Israel in 2001 (with PM Barak) and 2006 (with PM Olmert). and they refuse to recognize Israel as the State of the Jewish people.  In any case, they are irretrievably split between Hamas (Islamist terrorists) in Gaza and Fatah (Palestinian extremists) in the West Bank.

We would have to conclude on the basis of this open discussion that even moderate Muslim opinion is highly biased and in fact ignorant, mainly spouting Arab propaganda.   This is borne out by another video, on Muslim opinion presented by Taheel Raza (, a truly moderate Muslim, who has received death threats for pointing out the facts.  It is “politically correct” to say that Islamist terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, and even such an expert as Pres. Obama himself has said that 99.9% of Muslims do not support jihadi terrorism. This is factually incorrect.  Raza points out that there are three levels of Muslim/Islamic extremism.  First there are the actual violent terrorists themselves: IS has an army of ca. 40,000 men, other groups around the world affiliated with al Qaeda (Boko Haram, al Nusra Front, Al Qaeda in the Maghreb) have about 30,000 men, Iran has the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that consist of ca. 125,000 men, there are numerous armed terrorist groups, Hizbollah (20,000), Hamas (20,000), Taliban (20,000), then there are estimated to be ca. 20,000 pro-jihadi extremists throughout the western world.

Surrounding them are the sympathizers, supporters and fellow travelers, that based on opinion polls carried out among Muslims consist of about 10% of the total Muslim population, i.e. ca. 100 million people, such as supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Salafists in Saudi Arabia and affiliated organizations around the world, in Pakistan, Indonesia and the West, who support the terrorists in their political goals while not themselves taking up arms and carrying out terrorist attacks.  Then the third circle consists of those who hold extreme or fundamentalist views that are consistent with those of the terrorists, such as supporting sharia law, believing that all apostates to Islam must be killed, that Islam is under threat from the West and must fight it, that women must be treated as property, that honor killings are justified, that Jews and Christians should be persecuted, and so on.  In a Pew comprehensive poll carried out in 39 Muslim countries in face-to-face interviews ( this percentage was ca. 80% , or ca. 800 million people.  Now tell me seriously that this phenomenon is not Islamic terrorism.


2 thoughts on “Muslim opinion

  1. This extract from the Pew survey;….

    “asked Muslims whether people of other faiths in their country are very free, somewhat free, not too free or not at all free to practice their religion; a follow-up question asked Muslims whether they consider this “a good thing” or “a bad thing.” In 31 of the 38 countries where the question was asked, majorities of Muslims say people of other faiths can practice their religion very freely. (The question was not asked in Afghanistan.) And of those who share this assessment, overwhelming majorities consider it a good thing. This includes median percentages of more than nine-in-ten in South Asia (97%), Southern and Eastern Europe (95%), sub-Saharan Africa (94%), Southeast Asia (93%) and Central Asia (92%). In the Middle East-North Africa region, nearly as many (85%)!!!! share this view.”

    From such an extensive survey I was surprised to read the above extract. The persecution of Christians is self evident and as for Jews and their annihilation in Muslim lands, not a mention! Where are the churches, synagogues and Temples in Arab lands… the word Jew does not even appear in this report. Perhaps I’m living in a parallel universe, for many of the figures put forward as fact seem to display a reasonability that does not fit the reality of the present Muslim world!

    Keep ’em coming Jack, always useful.



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