Comparative casualties

We know precisely how many Jews/Israelis have been killed by Arabs in the Israel-Arab conflict since 1920, namely 24,969 and this is until the end of 2014.   Of these 3,791 were killed by Arab terrorists from 1948-2014.  During the same period 1920-2014, 91,105 Arabs/Palestinians have been killed.   Note that many of these Arab deaths are actually combatants who wear civilian clothes because they are “irregulars” or terrorists.  For example, the total Palestinian deaths in Operation Protective Edge (2014) were ca. 2,100, but according to IDF estimates of these at least 40% were killed in combat, so that in fact the estimate of actual civilian deaths is ca. 1,260, regrettable, but small.  Also note that Palestinian on Palestinian deaths (such as Hamas-Fatah conflict) are included in these statistics, and these amount to ca. 2,014 over the period 1987-2014 (how many people demonstrate against this).  These figures are from the Jewish Virtual Library a valuable resource of information (

By comparison, let’s see how many civilians were killed by US forces in Iraq, since 2003 the minimum estimate is 151,000 Iraqi civilian deaths, the medium estimate is 500,000 and the high estimate is  one million.  The deaths of Palestinians caused by Israel since 1920 and certainly those in recent Gaza conflicts pale by comparison.  In Afghanistan from 2001 to 2014, ca. 26,000 civilian deaths have been attributed to US military actions.  Of course, these numbers do not include casualties from Taliban actions.  The casualties attributed to UK and other allied forces are very difficult to obtain, and they may be a small portion of those detailed in Iraq and Afghanistan for US forces.  Civilian casualties from ongoing US and allied and Russian airstrikes in Syria are not yet available.

There are currently violent conflicts going on in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere.  Who knows (or cares) how many civilian deaths there have been in each case.   But, concerned leftists can recite precisely how many Palestinians have been killed by Israel (of course an exaggerated number).  The civil war in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) between Tamil separatists and Government forces up to 2009 caused ca. 80,000-100,000 civilian deaths.   How many human rights activists in the West demonstrated against such excesses.  Of course, all these casualty figures pale in comparison to the massacres and killings carried out by various Communist regimes in the 20th century, including the excesses of Stalin in the Soviet Union (est. 70 million murdered in 70 years), Cambodia (ca. 1 million deaths), China (including repression in Tibet) and North Korea (this number is not yet known, but is certainly greater than 1 million).  When was the last time you saw a liberal-leftist demonstration in a great western city against North Korea or the uniquely repressive fanatical regime in Iran?   Hypocrisy knows no bounds.


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