Palestinian terrorism fails

After a series of deadly car ramming attacks by Palestinian Arab drivers against Israelis waiting at bus stops or at crossings, PM Netanyahu has finally ordered the appropriate authorities to install concrete barriers at all such vulnerable locations.   Of course, you cannot prevent all such attacks, but the majority of them could easily be prevented, and I question why this was not done sooner.  In the latest such attack adjacent to the “David’s harp” bridge at the entrance to Jerusalem, a driver plowed into a group of pedestrians and injured 11 of them, three seriously.  One was a 15 month old baby whose foot was severed.  A woman was stabbed in Ra’anana yesterday.  These attacks are serious and tragic, but frankly they show how stupid and incompetent the Palestinians are, that they cannot find a better way to kill Israelis than the occasional stabbing and car ramming.

According to my estimate so far in the current spate of attacks, 26 Israelis have been killed compared to about 196 Palestinians.  The reason the Palestinian figure is so much higher is that whenever they attack with a  knife or a car the perpetrators are usually shot dead by security on the spot, or are captured afterwards and if they resist arrest are shot.   Hasn’t this simple fact sunk onto their heads yet, presumably not.  Their lives are so cheaply squandered by their leaders that is doesn’t matter to them.

What is most disturbing about these figures is that this Arab terrorist wave in Israel is not even reported in Western media as terrorism.   When Saudi Arabia announces that it is organizing a coalition of 33 Muslim countries against terrorism, do they acknowledge that it is Muslim terrorism, and would they include the Muslim terrorism being perpetrated against Israeli Jews in his campaign.  NO, they would not, this is an international double standard.  Terrorism against Jews is acceptable (its not even terrorism), but against Christians and Muslims it is not.   Do we not bleed the same, does the child’s severed foot not count as terrorism.  At least the perpetrator is dead.

However, we should not despair, this wave of terrorism is already failing.  Security has been tightened to the point that most of the perpetrators are dead within a few minutes of their attempts, and we find suitable solutions to the problems, as we have done with previous terrorist waves.  We installed the Security Fence around the West Bank and this cut terrorism in the second intifada by ca. 90%.  We improved intelligence, added cameras, increased surveillance, and became more active in pursuing leads.  This too will pass, even if we have to add concrete barriers all over the place.  But, we’ll do it, and eventually so will you.


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