US weakness invites danger

When the US is weak, or rather projects weakness due to its weak leadership, then other countries become correspondingly empowered to fill the vacuum left by US retrenchment.  The lamentable foreign policy of Pres. Obama has led to major expansions in three regions of the world, of Russia in central Asia, notably taking over Crimea and eastern Ukraine, of China in the South China Sea, notably the Spratly Islands, and the extremist Arabs taking over the central Middle East, notably the Islamic State in what was Syria and Iraq.  Also, former Empires such as Turkey and Iran are flexing their muscles and trying to find out how far they can go.  Iran has expanded into Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, and Turkey has taken over Northern Cyprus.  In none of these cases has the US done anything substantial to curtail or threaten these foreign expansions.  Meanwhile the US’s major and only reliable ally in the Middle East, Israel, has been threatened by the US with forced withdrawals in favor of a putative Palestine State, that would undoubtedly become another anti-American, anti-Western terrorist enclave in the Middle East.

Good liberals will no doubt say in support of Pres. Obama that what other nations do in their own backyards is their own business and the US should stop being the world’s policeman and in any case we don’t want conflict and certainly we want to avoid entanglements in foreign wars.  But, this is precisely the problem, by taking this isolationist attitude the US is retracting its role in the world as the only superpower and allowing other states to engage in conflicts and in fact in unlawful territorial acquisitions that might otherwise not have taken place.  Would Putin have gone into Ukraine or Syria if he feared the consequences, would China be building naval stations on the Spratly Islands if they feared the consequences, would the IS have taken over Mosul if they feared the might of the US armed forces?

While the US consistently puts pressure on Israel to withdraw from the West Bank, what pressure have they put on Russia to withdraw from Crimea, or Turkey from Northern Cyprus, or China from the Spratlys, or Iran from Yemen and Syria?  The answer is none!  The Obama Administration prefers to take the tired old liberal formula, that doesn’t work time and time again, of trying to persuade Israel to make any kind of concession to the Palestinians, when after all Israel is supposed to be the western ally, and then they make the blazingly wrong assumption that this local dispute has something to do with all the other Middle Eastern conflicts.  What nonsense!

What has Israel got to do with the Sunni-Shia split that has been going on for 1,300 years, what has Israel to do with Iranian expansionism in Yemen, what has Israel to do with the break-up of Libya, or the sectarian mess in Lebanon, or the Syrian civil war?   Not only is this approach ridiculously wrong, but it is self-destructive because it diverts precious US foreign policy attention away from the real dangers and the real conflicts.  While the Islamic enemy is attacking the western countries, in London, Paris and San Bernadino, the US is prevented by its myopic politically correct stupidity from tackling the real dangers that are already gathering strength.  The US is already on the defensive in California.  Let Chancellor Merkel take in a million Muslims and then see the consequences.  European liberalism will be responsible for a huge increase in rapes, deaths and eventually political conflict.  But, then maybe its the outcome they deserve.


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