Not against Islam

Presidents Obama of the USA and Rivlin of Israel when meeting in the White House were both at pains to emphasize that they are not against Islam as such, but only against Islamic terrorism, that does not truly represent Islam in their opinions.   Of course, they are right to say this and they have to say this.  But, the problem is that the Muslims carrying out the terrorism and the many other Muslims who support them do not believe this.  Most Muslims are convinced that the West is definitively anti-Muslim, that the West is still basically Christian and is against Islam, and that all the anti-Mohammed cartoons and suspicion of Muslims are due to this visceral anti-Muslim animus.  They are convinced that the West is on a course to destroy Islam.  This is what you think when you are brought up to belevie, as Muslims are, that the world is divided between the world of Islam (Dar al Islam) and the rest, the world of war (Dar al Harb).  Certainly there are many Muslims weho live int eh West and have been educated in the concepts of democracy and tolerance of minorities, but the vast majority of Muslims don’t understand these concepts.

This is why it is necessary for the West to say the right thing, but do everything it can to protect itself against the majority of Muslim believers.  For example, a Berlin court convicted a visiting Danish Imam Sheikh Abu Bilal Ismail of delivering a sermon calling for the murder of all Zionist Jews.  He said “it is necessary to destroy the Zionist Jews, to count them and to  kill them to the very last one, don’t spare a single one of them, make them suffer terribly.”  Just an ordinary sermon in an ordinary mosque.   Times have changed and it is now illegal to call for the murder of Jews in a German Mosque.  Perhaps the Imam did not realize this.

So we come to Donald Trump’s call to ban the entry of all Muslims into the United States.  This is going too far.   This is lumping the innocent int with the guilty, this is what the Islamists want, to give their fellow co-religionists an excuse to take their side.  What needs to be done, is what Israel is doing, that is profiling.  Looking at groups that are likely to be dangerous as a group, and checking them out very seriously.  Forget about the old men and women and the kids and checking every third person.  You must focus on those Muslim men and women who are extremely religious, or who are converts, or who travel a lot, or who who have visited Syria, or who are transferring lots of money, and so on.  This is elementary common sense.

The problem is that from their point of view this is a war of civilizations, but from our secular point of view we cannot openly admit this.  So we must do the best we can.  The security services in the US and France need to internalize this message.


3 thoughts on “Not against Islam

  1. ‘morning, Jack,  Really think you could do a big mitzvah and send this to Trump.  Am so sorry you don’t allow subscribers like me to send these on–I have a number of non-Jewish friends, from even kindergarten, in the U.S., with whom I regularly correspond. They had really liked your very informative articles, but for some reason, just didn’t subscribe to your blog.  Before Trump comes to Israel,  try it—he might even answer.   Feel well, hope you’re enjoying Chanukah,                 Renie


  2. Can’t understand the appeasement being given to these murdering filthy lowlife. They come over here and are given everything including it seems anonymity from prosecution …if they don’t like it here then bugger off back to the squaller and lawlessness they came from. Marching round London with placards demanding beheadings and death to everyone,arranging mass murders etc.and the Police do nothing.If your British then your arrested for just mildly criticising these pigs. No your totally out of order trying to explain why they do all this. Just meet fire with fire. As much as I hate Hitler for what he did and stood for,this lot have got be eradicated. And yes, I understand what Trump is trying to say and being shouted down by all these bleeding heart,roll over and die, appeasing liberals. NO, I don’t like them and don’t want to try and understand them. Do they try to understand us?? They criticise our decadent Western ways but then rape our young girls in our Cities but the authorities chose to ignore this for the sake of upsetting these black hearted bastards.


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