Weird incident

About a month ago (on Nov 5 to be exact) I fell in the street.  That is how this whole saga began.  As I was leaving AACI, our English-speaking club, one of the ladies who volunteers there asked me to deliver an envelope across the street from where I live.  I gladly agreed and took the envelope.  When I got home and parked the car I decided to deliver it immediately and so started to cross the street.  In that section there is a wide green verge, but it has a high step (about 1 foot) all around it.  So I started to jump that, but missed and fell heavily on my right outer thigh.  It hurt like hell and I was lying half on the grass when a young woman came over to help this poor old man get up.  I then limped over to deliver the letter (neither rain, nor snow, nor…).  At home I put a cold compress on the swelling and took some anti-inflammatory tablets and rested.  This shows once again, no good deed goes unpunished.   A few days later when we already had a doctor’s appointment, I told the doc about the fall, and she examined me and said it was just muscle damage.  It took 3 weeks for it to recover and for the huge bruise that developed to reabsorb.

That would have been the end of it, but for the following.  a few days ago I was in my studio painting, and one of the tops of a tube of paint fell on the floor and rolled under the table.  I decided to continue painting and get it later.  When I had finished I remembered about the top and bent down to retrieve it, but it had rolled well under the table so I squatted down and reached far under the table (big mistake) and suddenly something went in my leg and I had a terrible pain, and I sort of rolled over on the floor.

The next thing I know, I’m lying under the table on the floor, looking up at the underneath of the table and wondering where am I?  I looked out and saw one of my paintings and it jogged my memory and I realized that I was on the floor of my studio.  I must have blanked out for a short time.   Then I tried to get up but the pain in my right leg was awful.  So I rolled over and gradually managed to lever myself to my feet, and then sat down.  I had made an arrangement to go out and meet our daughter Miriam, with Naomi and our carer Sahlee, at a nearby cafe. When I started to walk there I realized this was a big mistake. It was only at this point that I realized that it was the same leg and same place that was hurting me where I had recently fallen.  I managed to get there, but I was in pain.   So we scrubbed that idea and Miriam went back to retrieve the car and drove us home, where once again I administered salves and took tablets and lay down to rest the leg.

After lunch while lying in bed I was still in pain.  So I decided to make an appointment for the doctor in the morning.  I called the automatic number and was told that there was an appointment available that afternoon at 3 pm (it was then 2.40 pm).  So I rushed, called a taxi and was there at 3 pm (Miriam had by this time gone home, I left Naomi with Sahlee).   I waited until 3.30 pm to see the doc (no need to have rushed), and she was very thorough, and said it could most likely be a tear in the muscle or possibly bleeding.  She gave me a strong painkiller, but not a musclc relaxant, that I wanted.  She sent me to have an ultra-sound and an X-ray in our Sick Fund (Kupat Holim) Maccabi (very close by), and since she was leaving, she also gave me a referral to go to the moked (the focus session) being held at the orthopedic department in Maccabi that evening at 7 pm.

I went and had the US and the technician told me there was no evidence of a tear or bleeding.  The X-ray was also negative.  The orthopod told me he did not need to see me, but he thought it could also possibly be DVT (deep vein thrombosis) that causes intra-muscular pain.  So he gave me a referral to the emergency room (miyun) at Laniado Hospital.  By this time it was already 8 pm, and it was painful for me to walk.  So I took a taxi to Laniado and gave the letter from the two docs in there and I was put in a bed and they took the routine tests, bp and temp, and took blood for some tests.  I lay there for about an hour, while people in much worse shape than me went in and out.   I asked about my results and they told me “oh, they are negative, you can go home.”  So I jumped out of bed (slowly) collected the letter for my doctor and went home by taxi.   I was over-joyed to be out of there and Naomi was equally pleased to see me.  Today my leg is already feeling a lot better.   Moral of this story, to retrieve things from under tables use a broom and the consequences of doing a good deed can never be predicted.


5 thoughts on “Weird incident

  1. Glad that it wasn’t something more insidious. I’ve had similar experiences – I’m a pro at falling.

    Here’s a story with some similar features: Recently I had convinced myself that a nerve entrapment syndrome (ulnar nerve pals) that I’ve been teaching med students about for 20+ years was responsible for the ever increasing numbness and weakness of my hands. I even managed to convince a hand surgeon buddy of mine. But when I went for an EMG and a special ultrasound test to confirm, no support was forthcoming. Naturally.

    Be well and Hannukah sameach!


  2. Jack, you are so lucky. The local updates among our friends are that they are suffering one kind of fall after another and spending lots of time inpatient and rehab.
    Stay on your feet and keep up all the creative work.
    Hanukah Sameach.


  3. We are so happy that your leg is getting better.
    Try to be more careful in the future.
    You are not young as you used to be!

    Norma and Mel


  4. Hope you are feeling better, That falling can be very tricky. We all have to be more careful, and be aware of our surroundings. Chag Sameach to you and Naomi.


  5. Jack –

    Apart from my computer being sick for a week, I’m way behind in e-mail catch-up….as you can deduce ‘cos you wrote this just over one month ago……!

    Oh dear – was so sorry to read your painful leg news…………………….gosh….not a pleasant saga………am so glad outcome wasn’t worse…no DVT; muscle tear, etc……

    As for reaching far under a table…….yes…..have done that & often get terrible shooting cramp in stomach muscle…….one can reach under table or heavy sofa with broom handle……& into deep cupboards with one of those long-handled multi-coloured feather duster-type thing……………….however, today I had the sense to ask my once-a-fortnight ozeret to reach under my computer table to retrieve one of my speakers…………………with a doubly-fractured wrist & torn shoulder, I knew not to try myself…….

    You learned your lesson the hard way, unfortunately.


    Sincerely, Carmel


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