The World can learn from Israel

To the people of Europe and the World, welcome to the reality that we in Israel have been dealing with for a very long time, the scourge of Islamic terrorism.  You will have to get used to guards at the entrance to every restaurant, concert hall and public venue.  At every bus and train station there are armed guards to check all luggage and ask questions, “where are you from, where are you going?”  There are metal detectors and X-ray machines as at airports.

And at great expense we have had to build a security fence (mistakenly called a “wall”) that encircles the so-called West Bank, in order to stop the easy access of Arab terrorists. Some European countries (Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria) have done the same in order to stem the flood of Muslim migrants fleeing from the Syrian civil war and from camps in Turkey and Lebanon, where they sought refuge.  In fact several of the terrorists used this means to enter Europe to carry out their attacks in Paris.

Yet, we in Israel have managed to retain a vibrant and active democracy, effectively under war conditions.  This international threat of Islamic terrorism will have to be faced.  The UN Security Council resolution introduced by France and passed unanimously, calling on all countries to cooperate in that fight is a step in the right direction.  As PM David Cameron said trying to persuade Parliament to support UK air strikes in Syria (they are so far only allowed to attack IS in Iraq) “you don’t defend your people by talking, action must be taken to defeat the terrorists on their own ground.”   But, where is the leadership of the USA, sadly it is lacking.

PS.  This was sent as a letter to the editor of several US and UK papers.  If anyone sees it in print, please let me know.  It appeared in “The Independent” in the UK (


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