The cause of IS?

Who is chiefly responsible for the growth of the Islamic State in former Syria and Iraq?  The clear answer is Pres. Obama of the USA.  By withdrawing US forces from Iraq on a specific date, by not responding to the imminent threat of the creation of IS in Syria and certainly not following the collapse of the Iraqi army with strong US military force, the American President has allowed IS to fill the vacuum created by the retreat of the US from the Middle East.  The so-called Caliph of the IS, Baghdadi, who was a US prisoner in Iraq for 4 years, when he was released (!) warned his American captors that he would be seeing them in New York.  He is on the way to achieving that.

Even now that the IS have carried out the terrible attacks in Paris and have downed a Russian civil airplane in Egypt, and have carried out assaults in Beirut and Bamako, Mali, and elsewhere, Pres. Obama in numerous statements still cannot bring himself to refer to them as “Islamic terrorists.” He calls them “terrorists” or “jihadists,” but not “Islamic terrorists,” because for him Islam is a peaceful religion and so cannot be connected to terrorism.  For other leaders in the world that doesn’t seem to be a problem.  That is why it fell to the French to introduce a Security Council resolution at the UN, that was passed unanimously with the support of the Russians and the Chinese, calling for all countries to fight IS.  The US is no longer in effect the leader of the Western world.

And who is responsible for the Russians being able to achieve their age old dream of having a warm water port in the Mediterranean, why the same Pres. Obama.  The main cause of the Crimea War in 1853 was this thrust by Russia to move their fleet into the Mediterranean, and to stop this the British and French went to war and defeated Russia.  During the Cold War this was one of the main aims of the US policy of containment.  But, the current retreat of the US has now allowed Russia in.  When Pres. Obama drew a red line in Syria over their use of banned chemical weapons, and then retreated from that threat, allowing the Russians to act as an intermediary with the Assad regime, he allowed the Russians to expand their warm water port at Latakia in Syria.  Now the US is taking a back seat and Obama is mouthing empty slogans, but no-one takes him seriously any more.

A serious question is why in the small city of Raqqa, the Syrian capital of IS, are there so many significant targets for the French and Russian air forces to strike when the USAF is supposed to have been striking them for the past year?   This shows absolute incompetence in carrying out a serious war against this growing terrorist menace.  And the culprit is of course Pres. Obama.  In another year we will have a new President.  Let’s hope the American people choose someone with a backbone who can prosecute the necessary actions with the massive US military.  And let’s hope it won’t be too late by then.


2 thoughts on “The cause of IS?

  1. Dear Jack:
    I know you find it convenient to whip Pres. Obama on this issue, but the facts here do not coalesce with your thesis.
    In 2009, President Obama inherited the Iraqi quagmire that he did, and had to work with the hand that was dealt to him. When, at the end of 2011, the Iraqi government chose not to extend the diplomatic status of American troops, President Obama’s “best” choice — or maybe a better description is “least-worst” — was to remove our troops from Iraq. That was the most prudent action for an American president to take, to protect our American troops. To keep them in Iraq, in harm’s way with no protection from the host government, would cause other problems, and I’d be writing to you this evening on a different topic!!
    Interesting that Bush-43 has had nothing to say on this, especially since the parameters set under his admin. All “W” would need to do is say, “Yup, that’s the way we set it up,” thereby taking responsibility for the resulting quagmire, but I guess it is easier to just let the next guy (44) take the heat for 43’s failures. Wow, what a statesman!


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