Following the French example

Last Friday we lost two people, a father and son, shot and killed by Palestinian terrorists while driving near Jerusalem going to a wedding (their murder was not covered by the international media because of the attacks in Paris at the same time).  The wife and children in the car were luckily only injured.   Today we lost another five people, two were stabbed to death in Tel Aviv by a Palestinian youth and three were killed in a shooting incident at the Etzion junction south of Jerusalem.

It doesn’t add up to the casualties of the spectacular Paris attacks, but altogether in the past month ca. 25 Israelis have been killed mostly in stabbings, shootings and vehicular homicides.   On a per capita basis this is the same as the losses in France.   Some ignorant and stupid foreigners, including US Secty. of State Kerry and the Swedish FM Waldstrom, have attributed the terrorist killings in Israel and even in Paris to the “despair” of the poor Palestinians.  What utter nonsense, the settlements or the so-called “occupation” have nothing whatsoever to do with these killings.  They derive from the ideology of Islam that motivates Muslims to kill anyone who gets in their way.  They are religious thugs, in fact the word “thug” derives from a religious group called the thuggi which killed for ideological reasons.

Many people can speculate on how to deal with this problem.  My proposal is taken from the example of Pres. Hollande, as stated in a letter that appeared in The Jerusalem Post on Nov 19:


Pres. Hollande has the right idea, when he states that the attacks in Paris constitute an “act of war” against France, and so he has declared war on the perpetrators, the so-called Islamic State.  Likewise the terrorist killings of Israeli civilians in and around Jerusalem in recent months constitute an act of war by Palestinians under the jurisdiction of the Palestine Authority.

As such the Israel Government should declare war on the PA.  The advantage of this is that once war is declared then, as M. Hollande has said, we must be “ruthless” in destroying terrorism.  Let there be no mistake, it is them or us.  All measures must be taken to once and for all destroy this crazy idea that first we Jews have no right to be here and second that terrorism in any form can defeat us.

I propose a full Israeli war against Islamic terrorism.


Jack S. Cohen, Netanya

Ladies and gentlemen, you can’t defeat terrorism by merely being defensive.  If it means bombing Ramallah and destroying the Mukata, the PA President’s residence, then so be it.  If the French, Americans and Russians can bomb the facilities of IS in Raqqa, then we should do no less with our Palestinian terrorist enemies.


2 thoughts on “Following the French example

  1. Not only do we have to invade Ramallah, but we have to Annex parts of Judea and Samaria unilaterally. Actually there are legal ways we can do this. Have a good week Ya All.


  2. Couldn’t agree more. I’m heartily sick of uninformed EU commentators issuing high-basket condemnation of Israeli intransigence. Unfortunately it’s going to take another one or two european massacres or perhaps just one US massacre to start to seriously stir meaningful dissent amongst the Western masses.


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