Smite them!

Hello, this is God.  OK, I know that I haven’t been around for a while, but you might be able to understand that I’ve been preoccupied running the cosmos.   I’m sorry I let things slide and that I was not around for the Holocaust, I might have been able to help a bit.  But, never mind, I’m back on the job now.  I’ve decided to help the people of Israel, my favorite people.  So I have now set certain events in motion that have destroyed all the main former enemies of Israel (did you think it was coincidence?).

There was Qaddafi in Libya.  I got rid of him, I turned him over to the mob and he received his just punishment, being beaten to death, for all the death and destruction he caused.   Then I set Tripoli against Cyrenaica and they are battling that out.  It will be a long time before they threaten anyone.   Saddam Hussein was a tough nut to crack, but I smote him and he ended up in a hole babbling about how powerful he was.  I let him have a civilized end, a trial and then execution.  More than he deserved.

Now I’m working on Syria.  I ought to get rid of Assad, but he’s not as bad as his father was, and I still have some use for him.  He has attracted the support of a motley crew, the Russians, the Iranians and Hizbollah.  I’m letting them fight it out with their enemies, the insurgents and the Islamic State.  A pox on both their houses.  Before they sort things out a lot of bad guys will be despatched.  Let’s not forget that Syria was the main rejectionist state against Israel and now it is all but destroyed, with one third of its people either dead or in exile.  Certainly it has no army to speak of.  Egypt deserves my sympathy because they are so screwed up that its hard to see how they can ever get out of their mess.  But, at least they are trying.

That leaves Iran.  They are threatening my people with annihilation with a nuclear weapon.  How dare they.  I will smite them!  Just wait around a while and you’ll see.


3 thoughts on “Smite them!

  1. from your mouth to HIS ears—–AND actions, please….and SOON, (in man’s world, soon, not, in the Biblical sense of the word)


  2. Nice to have a giggle – this subject feels like it’s dragging me down. So hard to think of anything else!
    We so need a bit of light heartedness.


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