Sweden, the shape of things to come

Sweden is a magnet for the migrants flowing into Europe by the hundreds of thousands.   The small Balkan states are glad to provide transit for them on their way north to the two welcoming countries of Germany and Sweden.  But, Germany has ca. 80 million people, so it can accommodate a million migrants, mostly Syrians fleeing the war in Syria and the camps in Turkey.  But, Sweden has a population of only 10 million and it is being swamped as a result of its liberal acceptance of all migrants/refugees.  But, now Sweden is predictably getting into difficulties, financial and social.   It is paying the price for its liberalism.

Not only are the Swedes unable to cope with the sheer numbers of refugees, taking up all available accommodation and facilities, but there is a surge of rapes and other violent crimes.  The number of rapes in Sweden has tripled in ten years and is currently at the rate of most African countries.  Of course, the Africans and Muslims like to be in a country where blondes are in the majority.   It is expected that in a few years indigenous Swedes will be in a minority in their own country.  Then the pressure of Muslim opinion will make women wear hijabs and many will be forced to convert to Islam, or die.  The reverse is impossible since under Islam the sentence for apostasy is death.

The situation is like that in Germany, where the Government dares not say anything that might be interpreted as Islamophobic.  For example, recently a young Muslim girl was gang-raped in Germany.  The family decided to kill her because of the shame on their family, which the father and brothers then did.  They buried her body in a shallow grave.  But, the police have not taken any action and it has not been reported in the national press, for fear of the repercussions.  According to sharia law they did what they were supposed to do.  If a women is raped it must be because she was being provocative, she was asking for it.  Murdering her is what is expected in their culture to restore the family name.  So let’s get this right, raping Swedish and German women is OK, but if a Muslim woman is raped she must be killed.  Great system.  Welcome to the future.


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