Israel in the EU?

It has been suggested that Israel should join the EU, after all, Israel shares much more in common in the way of history, political organization and culture with Europe, even though it is geographically separate from Europe.  But, in fact, Israel is not in Europe

Then some facts made me rethink the situation.  After all, Hawaii is part of the United States and it is 2,500 miles from the continental USA.  Also, Cyprus is part of Europe and it is 570 miles from mainland Greece.  Then I read about the French overseas possessions, which are not called colonies, but they are either administered by France or are Departments of France, which are each represented in the National Assembly according to their population.  Of course, the number of Departments used to be much higher, but the North African Departments of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia fought a hard war against France for their independence.

Now there are only five overseas French Departments: Guadeloupe (since 1946); French Guiana (since 1946); Martinique (since 1946); Réunion (since 1946); and Mayotte (since 2011).   The latest one, Mayotte is an island in the Indian Ocean that voted in 2011 to remain part of France, when its neighboring islands of the Comoros group voted for independence.  That means that Mayotte, which you may never have heard of, is actually considered a part of the EU, and uses the euro, although it is 4,600 miles from Europe.  If this anomaly can exist, then why cannot Israel, that is only 190 miles from the nearest part of Europe (Cyprus) also be part of the EU.

Of course, Turkey has been under consideration for EU membership for ca. 10 years, partly because part of Turkey is in Europe.  But, although Chancellor Merkel has agreed to resume consideration of Turkey’s accession in order to get Erdogan’s support for measures against the emigration of Syrian refugees to Greece and the EU, neither she nor any other major players in Europe are in favor of Turkey becoming a member of the EU.  The principal reason is they don’t want a nation with 80 million Muslims in the EU.  Also, Turkey illegally occupies 30% of the island of Cyprus, a fact that is usually forgotten when Turkey hypocritically accuses Israel of being an “occupier” of Palestinian land.

I know the EU is often hostile to Israel.  But, think how being inside the EU could help Israel deal with the hostility of many liberal western countries directly.  Soon enough, with the current Muslim influx, they will need Israel’s help in dealing with their hostile minority problem.


3 thoughts on “Israel in the EU?

  1. The only caveat to your idea — which economically and politically would make sense — would be that a new brand of anti-Israeli racism might fester among those EU nations (i.e., Greece, etc.) that are not in as good economic shape as Medinat Yisrael.
    This has already started to burgeon among some nations towards the Germans, as Germany ends up with “approval power” over loan guarantees and loan extension ns for other nations.

    ~ Ron


  2. I am a EU citizen too, Italian by birth, French de jure sanguinis and Israeli by virtue of being a Jew; I love the Schengen agreement and the freedom to travel from Helsinki to Lisboa without having to show anybody anything, and when I remember how much of my money went to commissions to change wickets in each country I traveled to before Schengen, I love Euros too. I would love to see this happen on a worldwide scale, including Israel.

    The other side of the coin is precisely the one where the numeric value appears: Greece has shown us the trailer, and I don’t want to play in that movie. Wealth evaporates and condenses elsewhere, just like rain water; Germany is buying Greece and China is buying all it can, while lives and livelyhoods are burned like garbage in the process.

    A game in which everybody cheats is not fun, just a waste of time; Israel in the EU? No, thanks.

    Trade agreements will further develop, that is no longer coming from governments, but imposed by the whole world’s progress, and individual states will still slow them down but are powerless to stop them. Opening up Israel’s borders more will only mean reconceptualizing privacy beyond Orwell’s wildest dreams,

    Israel in the EU? No, thanks.

    Eliahu Gal-Or Mevo Modiin, Israel +972586272388


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