Media distortions of Palestinian crimes

There are several common media distortions of the crimes that Palestinians commit when they attack and kill Jews.

  1. No one is really responsible for the violence, it just happens.  Violence somehow exists naturally in the Middle East, it affects all peoples and nothing can really be done about it.  So because there is violence in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, one must expect violence in Palestine.  Which means that if no-one can be held responsible and the Palestinians cannot be blamed when they pick up a rock and throw it through the windscreen of a car driven by a Jewish woman with children inside, or when they shoot at people, or when they stab people walking in the street, or when they ram their cars into people standing at a bus queue.   This leads to headlines such as “Violence erupts again in the Middle East,” or “The cycle of violence continues in the Middle East,” instead of “Palestinians deliberately commit deadly crimes against innocent Jews,” or “Islamic preachers incite Palestinians to kill Jews.” This is often the attitude of self-righteous liberals and Christians, “stop the violence,” as if there is no specific initiator.
  2. Both sides are equally responsible: If there is violence it’s because both sides are equally committed to using violence.  So the Israeli police deliberately attack groups of Palestinian youths with tear gas, rubber-coated bullets and live ammunition.  Naturally the youths then respond with stones and rocks and petrol bombs.  Photos accompanying articles always show Israeli policemen with body armor beating poor Palestinian kids lying on the ground.   Videos on YouTube show Palestinians suddenly drawing a knife and stabbing passersby, but this never appears in the media.  This leads to headlines such as “Israelis and Palestinians battle each other again in the Middle East,”  not “Palestinians again provoke violent clashes in Israel.” This is also the attitude taken by the US Administration, so as not to offend either side they blame each equally, they call for both sides to stop all violence, even though this offends Israel when the wave of terrorism is purely Palestinian.
  3. Israel is to blame for all violence: It is understood that Israeli is the aggressor, that Israel has all the guns and that the poor Palestinians are oppressed and under occupation and so what do you expect them to do, but periodically rise up and try to throw off the oppression and the occupation.  This is a Third World, leftist view, that the brown Palestinian native people are being oppressed by the white Israeli colonialist imperialists who stole their land.  The fact that this is completely the opposite to the truth does not even bear scrutiny.  This is a convenient lie also for the Jew haters, who identify anything Israel does as being founded in original sin.  This leads to headlines such as “Israeli troops shoot Palestinian teenager,” or “Israeli Government actions result in further Palestinian deaths,”  or as NPR (No Palestinian Responsibility) sees the current situation: “Palestinians confront escalating violence in Jerusalem after attacks.” not “Palestinians again initiate wave of violence against Israel,” or “Palestinian Authority responsible for inciting wave of violence.”  Of course, in such reports the words terrorist or terrorism are never mentioned.  This is the attitude taken by most EU members, including Sweden, who automatically absolve Palestinians of any fault.

Those who bemoan the fact that the media is biased and distorted, fail to appreciate that we are no longer in an era of factual reporting, where what actually happened matters.  We are now in the era of advocacy journalism, where there are predetermined explanations for each situation, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the prime example of this.  It is well known by all reasonable, liberal journalists that there is a single pattern here and they cannot report it in any other way, or their editors at The New York Times, CNN or the BBC will reject their stories.

2 thoughts on “Media distortions of Palestinian crimes

    • That didn’t work either, the “Stern Gang” were all killed. The British withdrew from Palestine because they lacked the capability to control it when the Jews refused to cooperate and they lacked the funds, the military power and the morale to try to reconquer it, especially after the Holocaust.


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