Small victories

The daytime temperature in Netanya is almost constant at 30+2 degrees Centigrade (ca. 90+6 degrees Farenheit) from June to October, apart from a few days of super-heat when it goes as high as 36 deg C (ca. 100 deg. F).  So of course we depend on air conditioning, and in our case that is central (or so-called mini-central), rather than a/c units in each room.  But, the night-time temp is usually 22-24 deg.C, that is bearable up to a point.  Because we find the blowing of cold air on us at night to be too cold, we prefer to turn the a/c off and use a fan.  The fan turns the air, and although it does not actually cool, it feels cooler.

Last night our reliable fan, that has been running every night (almost) for 3-4 months (zillions of turns), suddenly stopped working.  When I turned it on, it emitted a “burring” sound, but did not turn.  This is the kind of fan with two rotors, the actual fan and a grill in front that turns and distributes the flow of air around the room (rather than the old style fans in which the fan itself actually turns).  I tried it twice, but did not want to try it again because it could burn out.  But, I knew that the fan was very dirty at the back where the air flows in and probably needs oiling after so many months use, so I  made a decision to clean it and oil it in the morning and see if by chance it might work again, or if I might have to take it into the repairer.  Yes, we have a reliable repairer, Eli, who not only repairs broken appliances, but is very honest (he will repair everything unless he tells you a device is beyond repair).

I brought our big floor-standing fan into the bedroom last night.  But the next morning after breakfast I took the small fan out back and took it apart  and thoroughly cleaned it with the vacuum cleaner (I couldn’t take it to Eli dirty).  Then I oiled it (with SW40 spray) taking care not to get oil into the electrical motor.  Then I put the rotor back on and tested it and – it worked perfectly.  So I reassembled it and lo and behold a working fan.  When you get to my age (old) and stage (retired) small victories are a big achievement.


3 thoughts on “Small victories

  1. Well done Jack! Soon you will be in competition with Eli! I know where to send friends to in future.
    Good Shabs
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