Palestinian rioting continues

The Palestinian rioting and violence continues in and around Jerusalem and in the rest of the country.  PM Netanyahu has mobilized 13 Brigades of reserves in addition to the extra three that were already activated. Over the weekend at least 5 Israelis were stabbed and or otherwise injured by stone throwers and firebombs, including two police officers who stopped a Palestinian man near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, who promptly stabbed them, then he was shot dead.  A Palestinian woman whose car was stopped en route to Jerusalem, exited the car and attacked the police officer as she detonated a car-bomb. She is in hospital. The police said her car-bomb was only a gas canister, very amateurish.  About 5 Palestinians were killed while attacking police forces in the West Bank and about 8 in Gaza, as mobs approached the border fence.   A rocket fired into southern Israel from Gaza was destroyed by the Iron Dome system and in retaliation IAF planes destroyed two targets in Gaza and two people were reported killed in those attacks.

PM Netanyahu stated that the rioting is being incited by Hamas, the Palestine Authority and the Northern Islamic Movement in Israel, based on lies.  They are telling their people that Israel has changed or is planning to change the arrangements on the Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) which is not true.  Their rallying cry is that the  al-Aksa Mosque is in danger, which is untrue.  King Abdullah of Jordan has also incited feelings in the Arab/ Muslim world by repeating these lies.   The violence was started by Palestinian youths (no doubt organized) who barricaded themselves inside the Mosque of Omar on the Temple Mount, where they had stored weapons (mainly firebombs) and then the Israeli forces were forced to rout them 0ut and close the Mosques to all except elderly men and women for the duration of the Jewish holidays.

Last night four Israelis were injured, on seriously, by a car ramming attack in Hadera, by an Israeli-Arab of Palestinian origin (he was allowed to move to Israel under a family  unification law).  He was captured and his victims remain in hospital.  Most of tehse attacks are amateurish, i.e. so far no professional type of car bombs or suicide attacks.  No-one knows whether or not this rioting will continue.  It will probably worsen before it peters out, like the previous attempts at Palestinian insurrections.  Hopefully this will be no full-fledged intifada.


3 thoughts on “Palestinian rioting continues

  1. My take on Palestinian rioting….
    Listen to me and Josh Hasten with Jerry Gordon explain what is happening in Israel on the Lisa Benson Show.
    We give you the factual information that your media does not present.



  2. How long must Israel endure the murderous betrayals of it’s Arab citizens? Surely it is time that sanctions of increasing severity are brought to bear on those that fail to respect the Law. The reality of peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians is generations away, it is time to stand tall and state enough is enough.


  3. Jack,
    Thanks for the faithful recitations of events to the present.
    Israel has survived two failed attempts in the past to destroy the fabric of societhy and instill fear and disillusionment in the country before this time. Those were attempts made during a period of “open borders”
    Why should this succeed when those efforts failed? Today, unfortunately for the Arabs: the world is far more focused on Syria, Isis, and Arab immigrants than the “plight of the so-called Palestinians.”
    Our pal Abbas and others have their job cut out for them……no Arab unity, a fence,lack of world attention, fear and loathing of Arabs in the west. and so on…….but the most important matter which our neighbors fail to understand is the simple issue…..THAT ISRAEL IS NOT A FEARFUL PEOPLE WITH A LONG HISTORY AND A GOOD MEMORY….. see you very soon…..


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