Shoot the bastards!

Have you ever seen a group of 30-50 youths gathered on a corner or an intersection, many of them wearing masks, holding slings and stones and firebombs, just waiting for the next car to go by or the police to come and confront them.  They are a threatening mob, they look vicious and they are dangerous and in fact murderous. Every day there have been such gangs of Palestinian youths roaming around the Arab suburbs of Jerusalem, throwing stones and firebombs at cars driven by Jewish drivers (sometimes they make a mistake and attack an Arab car, but they can usually tell from the registration plate).   I have often wondered why the police don’t simply shoot them, with stun grenades or rubber-coated bullets, or even with live fire.

The reason is because the rules of engagement, that are rigorously enforced, prevent the police, civil guard or army from firing at them before they actually commit a crime, or unless their own lives are in danger.  But, it is obvious that these gangs intend to commit a crime, and based on previous experience they have committed many such crimes, so why wait?  No respectable police force in the world would hesitate to attack them and take them out, in Los Angeles, in Moscow, in London, in Paris, but not in Jerusalem.  At least that is not until now.

There has been a spate of riots and stone and fire-bomb attacks on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, organized to coincide with the Jewish holy-days.   They are also intended to bring universal condemnation on Israel at the UN for counter-attacking the holy sites.  The Palestinian rioters break the peace of the holy site, they attack tourists and Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall below the Temple Mount, and they claim Israel is the aggressor.  PM Netanyahu will point out this deliberate breaking of the peace of Jerusalem in his speech at the UN.

Palestinian youths have grown up on this violence and have made this a rite of passage, that they all participate in, throwing rocks at cars, killing and maiming civilians on a weekly basis.  Finally the Israeli Government has decided to take a stand, they have passed new rules allowing the police to relax the code and use deadly weapons, rifles and guns, if necessary, not only when their lives are in danger, but when there is an evident danger to public peace and security, which there obviously is.  Now they can shoot the bastards, now Jews will be able to drive around Jerusalem and elsewhere with less fear in their hearts every time they go out for a drive, especially at night.  It is time for the police to be able to do their job and take the streets back from the Palestinian hoodlums (terrorists in training).  The police also did a round-up, arresting many Palestinian youths in their homes around Jerusalem, based on photographs of them throwing stones and firebombs at cars.  They also arrested four Palestinian teenagers who are thought to be responsible for the stoning death of Alexander Lelkovich last week.  Because of the leniency of the judicial system there are now minimum sentences for this crime, namely 4 years in jail.

The reason for the previous restraint and leniency was partly that Israel is very sensitive to its unfair treatment in the foreign media and was prepared to risk the lives of its citizens in order to avoid headlines, that will probably now appear, like “Israeli police shoot Palestinian teenager.”   This is a price we must be prepared to pay for our safety, because in any case the reporters do not give a balanced picture of what is happening.  As far as I am concerned if you want to stop this constant war in the streets the police must be able and prepared to shoot the bastards!



5 thoughts on “Shoot the bastards!

  1. And they should also arrest for incitement everyone, including foreigners and “journalists” on the scene, who are found holding a camera and confiscate those cameras.


  2. Jack,
    I want to stand up and shout Hooray! for this article. The injustice we have to cope with is just too much for me..
    If only we could organize an army of Israeli teenagers to give it back to them with stones and firebombs. But no, we are too civilized to take such action. But at least now our guardians have a little more leeway.
    Watch the coming storm of hatred that will come our way. God help us.
    Ida Plaut


  3. We saw a news programme the other day where they criticised the IDF for attacking the poor young Palestine ons who were only throwing stones and then criticised an elderly Israeli woman for throwing stones back at them. It makes no sense!


  4. I couldn’t agree more Jack and hope we will have a leader who will be prepared to give this order. In the meantime if you have a gun wear it I give you permission.


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