End the Hajj

The death of nearly 1,000 pilgrims in the Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, obviously indicates that Allah is displeased with this annual hoopla.  Of course, the pilgrims go for religious purposes, but the value of the Hajj  to the Saudis in purely financial terms, as well as its political significance, far outweighs its religious aspects.  After all, do people nowadays really need to trek miles in the heat with millions of other people and then (get this) throw stones at a concrete pillar to symbolically show their contempt for the devil?  This is nonsense, most pilgrimages, of Jews to Jerusalem, of Christians to …Jerusalem, of Catholics to Rome, of Anglicans to Canterbury, have long since died out.  It is a feature of Islam, one of the seven pillars of its basic tenets, that believers in Allah (and followers of Mohammed his prophet) are required to once in their life attend the Hajj.  So that means that once the Muslims have taken over Europe, all the European Muslims will be required to make the trek to Mecca.  All 450 million of them, together with the other 1.2 billion Muslims around the world.

Of course, no-one will listen to me, but, if they will ignore Allah’s message it will be at their own risk.  He has caused cranes to fall on people, he has caused huge stampedes (everything is controlled by Allah) and yet they have not even considered calling off the Hajj.  But I predict that as the Hajj grows in size and the Saudis ability to handle the massive crowds decrease, there will be even greater accidents and loss of life.  Allah, the all powerful, the mighty has spoken (or was that the Wizard of Oz?).


One thought on “End the Hajj

  1. JACK, I think it’s about bloody time someone listened to you. You appear to be the one voice of sanity in this world of darkness. Love to Naomi and the family.


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