The right of movement

Under international law refugees from a conflict zone have the right of free movement, to cross borders and to be accepted into another country.  But, there is no equivalent “right of return” and this right of movement is only valid if they are fleeing conflict in fear of death.  Many of the Syrian and other migrants entering Europe now are leaving relatively safe refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey and even within Syria and moving to Europe as economic migrants, trying to find a better way of life.  It is up to the new host nation to distinguish between those whose life would be endangered if they were returned to whence they came and those who would not.  Of course, it is very difficult to distinguish between these two categories and so the host countries in Europe are preparing to accept hundreds of thousands of refugees.

It occurred to me that those on the left who are more accommodating to the refugees, including Jeremy Corbyn the new Labor leader in Britain who joined a march welcoming more refugees, are precisely those who also oppose the existence of Israel.  Yet, Israel was founded largely to give haven to Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust of WWII in Europe.  They were the remnants of a great European Jewish civilization, yet apparently they shouldn’t have the right to migrate to a safer place and build a new life for themselves, while the hundreds of thousands of Arab Muslims do have that right.  How ironic.

The right of movement also justified the transfer of hundreds of thousands of Jews from the former Soviet Union to Israel.  They came with nothing and yet have helped build a prosperous, vibrant, democratic society in Israel.  The big question is whether or not the new migrants to Europe will accept the culture of the host countries, or like most Muslims elsewhere, they will be unassimilable and fight to have their own culture superimposed on the European culture.  The latter is more likely, since it is incumbent on every Muslim to live only in a society that is governed by Islamic Sharia law, and is also controlled by an Islamic Government.

Also, apostasy is punishable by death under Islam and interactions between Muslim girls and non-Muslim boys can also lead to death, since it is considered to shame the whole family.  Not to mention the percentage who will become extremist religious Islamists.  Good luck dealing with this in Europe.  Certainly Germany is now very liberal in accepting so many refugees, as a reaction to their former ultra-nationalism and murder of all minorities, especially the Jews.  I agree with the German politician who said “look what has happened, we got rid of the Jews and now they have been replaced by Muslims.”  Serve them right.


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