Stones kill

On Monday night Palestinian youths attacked a car on a dark street in Jerusalem, throwing stones at the car, the driver swerved, lost control and crashed into a tree.  Alexander Levlowich (64) was returning from a Rosh Hashana dinner with his children.  Levlovich was killed and the others were injured.  This is not an unusual event, it happens all the time somewhere in Israel or the territories (it’s just not reported). Last week a woman driving with her child at night was attacked by stone throwers, she was injured but the child was unhurt.  Because of the common occurrence of these attacks and the deaths and injuries that have resulted there is a move in the Knesset to impose mandatory sentences for rock throwing, and the throwing of other objects, including firebombs and grenades.   This is because Israeli judges tend to be very lenient, often letting rock throwers off with just a warning.  It has become a rite of passage for Palestinian youths to defy the police and try to hurt or kill Israelis by throwing rocks at cars, one of their favorite methods is to throw rocks from above, at the entrances to tunnels or from bridges.  PM Netanyahu has announced that concerted measures must be taken to stop these attacks.

The recent attack coincided with Rosh Hashana, whenever there is a Jewish holiday the number of attacks increase.  At the same time there were attacks by Palestinian youths throwing stones and firebombs at Jewish worshipers at the Western wall below the mosques on the Tempe Mount.  Apparently the youths hid in the mosques the night before and surprised the police by attacking in force the following morning.  They were beaten back into the Mosque of Omar by the police and reserves, and a fire fight ensued.  Of course, when it was reported internationally it was that Israel police forces were attacking the Mosque, but the clear provocation of the Palestinians, that was obviously pre-planned, and the intimidation of Jewish worshipers, was not mentioned.  These youths, if not shot. should be arrested and sent away for a long term for such uncivilized behavior.  They deliberately retreat into the Mosque to draw Israeli police fire at them there.

Of course, leaders in the Arab world take up the cry against Israeli police brutality and desecration of their holy sites, although it is their own youths who are initiating the desecration.  King Abdullah of Jordan in the presence of PM Cameron who is on a visit, issued a dire threat against Israel.  But, what is he going to do, recall his Ambassador over such an obvious Arab provocation.  Never be fooled, stones kill and Israel has no interest in provoking the Arabs by attacking and desecrating their holy sites.

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