The Arab Migration

There are some unremarked aspects of the huge migration of Arab Muslims that is swamping Europe.  It is estimated that a staggering 800,000 migrants will enter Europe this year both east from Turkey through Greece and north from Africa to Italy.  Why are they all going to Europe and not to other Arab/Muslim countries?  The answer is simple, they seek a better economic future in the relatively stable, more affluent West.  The fact is that the Arab countries are in melt-down, their Muslim-Arab culture has not been able to produce a single stable country, except for a few small oil-rich Gulf Emirates.  Look at the list, from Morocco in the west  to Yemen in the east there is war and dissension.  The wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan have displaced millions of people and they naturally gravitate West.

At the same time that millions of Arabs are running away from their failed states, this year it is projected that 30,000 Jews will immigrate to Israel.  And these are not poor displaced persons, these are mostly educated, often well-established Jews, leaving France, Ukraine and the USA to stable, affluent Israel.   What a difference.  And next year the numbers will rise because of the influx of the Arab Muslims into Europe.

In the first generation, the new immigrants will strive to make it in European society.  But, after one or two generations they will, like their current home-grown terrorists, become alienated from their hosts and turn against them, for not feeling European enough, for not being accepted as equals.  Then the blow-back from this huge wave of immigration will hit, the riots in the Banlieu around Paris will be as nothing compared to what will come in 20-50 years.   There will be a major push for Sharia law in all European countries, and the EU Parliament will accede to it.  Anti-Semitism will increase to previously unprecedented violent levels and Jewish aliyah to Israel will increase.

At the present time the EU countries are trying to come up with a formula to accept the immigrants.  Germany has announced that they will take 120,000 plus 100,000 each year.  Actually they need the manpower because the native German birth rate is so low.  Some European countries are trying to avoid taking the Muslims altogether.  But, they cannot cope with this huge wave.  It will swamp them.  So Europeans, start learning Arabic and learn to pray on your knees.


One thought on “The Arab Migration

  1. Here’s a good, albeit unreal, solution to Europe’s problems: Let all Europeans leave Europe. Instantly the continent will begin with infighting and slaughter and the place will become an inferno. When the dust settles, Europeans can go back home again. because the muzlims will have swallowed themselves up.


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