I’ve got a little list

After the destruction of the ancient Buddhist statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan and the Greek temples in Palmyra, Syria, the Islamic State’s Office of Islamic Purification has been preparing a list of sites to be destroyed in areas that it expects to capture in the future.  All buildings and statues that commemorate any belief system that is non-Islamic are potential sites of pagan worship and must be eliminated.

First on the list, of course, are all Biblical excavations that reveal any form of altar that was used for pre-monotheistic worship, such as found at the ancient tels of Hazor, Meggido and Lachish.  In fact, to be on the safe side, all Bibical excavations in the Holy Land will be blown up to ensure purity.  Then of course, all the ancient Greek sites of worship, the Parthenon in Athens and all the Greek temples around Greece and the islands that are both pre-Christian and pre-Islamic and, of course, Baalbek in Lebanon, all must be destroyed.  They must all go, including the Roman remains where pagan worship took place.

Once Western Europe is conquered in the name of the Prophet, blessed be he, all secular monuments to Christian victories will be eliminated.  This includes the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin, Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square in London, and all those sites will be renamed in honor of great Muslim victories, as described in the Koran, such as the battles of Badr and the Khayber, and also the victorious Sunni battle of Karbala against the Shia.  Also, the Christian sites of worship, such as the Vatican, that borders on idolatry, will have to be destroyed.

But, this may not be enough.  The purity of Islam requires that all secular monuments dedicated to democracy, such as the Houses of Parliament in London, the National Assembly in Paris, the Bundestag in Berlin, and so on will all be dynamited and razed.  Finally, of course, when they capture North America, there will be all those wonderful targets in Washington and Quebec to get rid of, especially the Washington Monument, the White House and the Capitol.  They nearly managed to destroy them on 9/11, but next time, don’t worry they will be taken care of.  Their advance troops are already infiltrating Western Europe disguised as poor downtrodden refugees that the naieve liberal Europeans cannot resist.  Soon, when they are distributed throughout the countries of Western Europe, they will organize and then begin their uprising against the infidels.

In another generation, or two at most, Europe will be Islamized and the former underdogs will be on top.  The Office of Islamic Purification will utterly destroy and remove all monuments to non-Islamic culture in the name of the Prophet, blessed be he.  Also, of course, all those heretics who will not accept Islam will be eliminated by beheading or burning.  A great deal of blood will flow, but this is ordained by the need to purify Dar al Harb, the region of war, and to bring it within the House of Islam, Dar al Islam.  Victory will be in the name of the Prophet and of Allah, the most merciful and compassionate.



6 thoughts on “I’ve got a little list

  1. Why is it that the Western (mainly Christian) Liberals can’t see this doomsday scenario, G-D forbid it happens. The so called Liberals vilify Israel, which is the ONLY true Democracy, and probably the last bastion left in the Middle East that is capable of defeating the Islamist Jihadists, and you are so right in your summary. Whilst it is very distressing to see immigrant children in such circumstances, there seems to be many single young Muslim men amongst these tens of thousands of immigrants, and no doubt an element of these young men, and also women may very well be the spearhead or already affiliated with groups such as Isis etc. It is naïve to think otherwise, and the likely outcome is heightened terrorist & subversive attacks in our civilised, and overly Liberal countries. This aspect seems to be ignored by the very people who blame & accuse Israel of wrongdoing, when in fact the real threats and dangers are with the Islamist fundamentalists.


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