How I learned HTML to update my web-site

For some time I have been unable to update my web-site for reasons that I could not understand.   When I made changes to it and went to save them, it crashed and threw me out and said I was forbidden to make those changes.  Of course, I complained to the customer service of Yahoo, since my website ( appears on the Yahoo web-hosting service for which I pay.   Each time I complained I received a different reply from a different person and none of them actually solved the problem.   I asked my son-in-law, who had set-up the web-site, to check it and he encountered no problem, so that seemed suspicious, and my son suggested trying a different browser, which I did, but it still did not work for me.  So what does one do in such a situation, you wait for your son to visit to solve the problem.

Simon’s visit to us coincided with my mother-in-law Millie’s 100th birthday and he immediately installed the Mozilla Firefox browser on my computer, and then it suddenly became possible to make changes to the web-site and save without any problem.  He explained that different browsers are not always compatible with certain programs.  Easy solution, try another browser.   Once we had this working we started making the changes needed, correcting errors and updating the content.

But, you have to realize that this web-site is written in HTML – hypertext markup language – I don’t know what that means either, and although in the past I had simply copied sections of the HTML programming of the web-site and then updated it with new content, now I was forced (by my son) to actually learn to program (a bit) in HTML.  Now this is just for the flavor of it…for example, the title and text describing a painting was appearing next to the photo of the painting.  In order to get it to appear under the painting I had to put in a break <br> (the carats signifies an HTML command) and after the title to add a slash </br> to cancel the break.

I had to go through the entire web-site and correct all of this.   Then I had to add new content, paintings and events that had occurred in the past year, including my current exhibition at AACI Netanya (, that included my new portrait of “Millie at 100”  (  Also, I added my latest book, “Zionism: A Love Story,” that is a great story according to readers (  You can purchase it on for a modest price.   Please go and visit my updated website, if only because I suffered learning HTML just to bring it to you.

Yesterday my desk-top computer died.  Coincidentally it was during my son’s visit.  I am writing this from my laptop backup computer.  We went and bought a new desk-top, but it will take some days for delivery and to get it up and running.  During this time there will be a hiatus in my blogs. I have to take Simon to the airport to go home to California.   I hope you will use this time efficiently by visiting my web-site and enjoying the experience.  See you soon.


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