Obama’s true aim

In an article in The Jerusalem Post entitled “Obama, Netanyahu and Tuco,” (http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Obama-Netanyahu-and-Tuco-412387) Avigdor Haslekorn argues that stopping Iran developing a nuclear weapon was not Obama’s main aim in making the agreement with Iran.  His true aim was to isolate Israel and prevent it from taking unilateral action against Iran.  This is a typical liberal approach, namely that Israel is too militant, it is too right wing, and it must be stopped and cut down to size.  Consider this, when has the US ever combined with Russia and China before, when have their interests been the same.  Since WWII the answer is, never.   So why now?

Russia and China are allies of Iran, they have sold huge amounts of weapons to Iran and immediately after the Iran agreement was announced, Qassem Suleimani, the Head of the al Quds Force, the external striking arm of the Iranian National Guard, visited Moscow, within days of the signing even before the ink was dry.  The Europeans could hardly wait, the Germans sent a representative also as soon as the ink was dry to discuss commercial deals.  Iran has been hit hard by the sanctions, a good reason for keeping them, but the Europeans, the Russians and the Chinese are now busy reaping the benefits of the deal.  The only country that is negatively affected is Israel.  Certainly the Arab Sunni atates are against the deal because they fear Iran, but they have never been considered a true threat to the Iranian regime as Israel has been.  It was to neutralize this threat and avoid another potential Middle Eastern war that Obama maneuvered the situation so that now Iran has a legitimate path to the bomb and Israel will be considered the aggressor it it acts in its self-defense to prevent that happening.

On almost every count Obama has taken an anti-Israel posture.  He has insulted PM Netanyahu on several occasions, he has ignored Israeli interests relative to Arab, Muslim and Palestinian interests, he has opposed Israeli interests relative to Iran, he has exposed recently Israel’s nuclear program by releasing State Dept. records.  Yet, he has covered his true intentions by continuing to support Israel’s defense thru the Dept. of Defense.   This is a clever deception, since no one can actually accuse him of totally selling out Israel.  He opts for the slow and diplomatic approach, similar to the BDS approach.  If you can’t defeat Israel, wear it down and isolate it.  We have about another year of Obama to suffer, it will get worse.

In a report from the UN it was revealed that Iran will be allowed to conduct their own investigations of their nuclear sites. This epitomises the stupidity of the Iran deal, the greatest terrorist State in the world will do its own testing.  The Jerusalem Post asks if they will give themselves 24 hrs or 24 days notice?  What nonsense.  Anyone who votes for this deal deserves what they get, only we are the first in the firing line.


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